Hey, world, I’ve started a blog!

Hey, welcome, bonjour, hola, hallo, aloha, hai, etc.
Thanks for reading this first of all, you’re helping me look less of a loner talking to herself! Which I am… *awkward*
Anyways, I started this blog because I wanted to just talk about life, you know, to people who will listen and maybe have the same problems or interests as me.
I have another blog, which is in a completely different style to this (it’s written in the voice of my dog: www.thelastwoof.wordpress.com go check it out 😉 that would be awesome) I love writing thelastwoof, but as you can probably guess my ideas are limited and there have been many times where I have wanted to write about more personal stuff but of course I couldn’t (it doesn’t apply to my dog). So I started girlwiththesilverlocket.
I’ll be writing about a load of random shiz, posting photos, and whatever else I feel like doing. So please, if you’d like to listen to a random British girl who is trying her hardest to think about what she wants in life, then please follow me! It will make me feel better – I won’t just be talking to myself any more! XD
And if you have similar interests or problems, etc, comment below and we can make each other feel better or just spaz out at the thought of Tom Daley or something… 😀

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!