Boys, boys, idiots and boys.

In my last post, I was debating a situation involving a lad in the year above. Remember? No? Didn’t think so.

Well… I just bit the bullet so to speak and just told him that I’d had enough. Not in those words, obviously, before you bite my head off for being mean.

The thing is… I had a day off school for the strikes on Tuesday and was hanging out with some friends for the day. He knew this. He knew because he’d asked me about four times previous to said day off. I swear the boy has the memory of a goldfish…

Getting back on track. So, I’d mentioned that I was with friends and if I didn’t reply for a while, that was why. But what did I get?

Hiya xx

Hiya xx

U ok xx

Hiya xx

U ok xx

Hiya xx

Wuu2 xx

Hiya xx

*sighs* I’m not even joking. These were half an hour-to an hour and a half apart. If I didn’t reply the first few times, did he not realise that I probably wasn’t going to reply to the next five?! I DO NOT NEED A SPAM OF ‘HIYA’s’ for crying out loud.

At the end of the day, I just felt intoxicated. It was too much; NEWS FLASH: excessive amounts of messages are not hot. Anything but.

Soooo, I just kind of wrote a long winded paragraph full of bull about having a lot of stuff going on  and needing time to myself to sort things out (that much was true), not being ready for a relationship, that he needs to reduce the texts a little, etc etc. I felt so bad, because, of course, I know what it’s like to be on the other side. Buuuuut, at the end of the day, it was infuriating.

He was insistent that we could ‘make it work’ and I just kind of sat there like… hahahahahahahaha no. I’m so nice, aren’t I!

All in all, he seemed to be okay with it, and said he’d leave me alone for a bit.

Did he?

No. No he did not.

The next day:



U ok?

Have you sorted things out yet?

I cannot sort my life out in a day.

So I told him this and he apologised and again, said he’s leave me be for a while,

Surely he must have done so this time?


I think there was a gap of a day. And then came the ‘Hiya’.

I felt obliged to answer so it was small talk like always. I was shopping in town at this time so when he asked what I was up to, I said so. Now, maybe this is just me reading too far into it… But, when he said ‘If u don’t mind me asking who with’ The suffocating feeling returned. Did it really matter? Was he jealous? It just so happened that I was just with my mum and sister, but it just appeared to be very suffocating.

Next came the sob story: the ‘fallen-out-with-a-‘good-mate’-and-I-regret-ever-being-born-and-everyone-hates-me’ sob story to be precise. Oh well done, try to make me feel bad for you.


But I’m just so done with him.

Can't deal with it photo tumblr_m8jhbiHYBx1r9wyf9.gif

And so is the story of… Let’s call him A.G.3. Awkward Guy 3. Pretty apt? Yep.

Moving on to other boys… More interesting boys. *cue excessive winking*

I have decided that the guy who sits next to the twat in front of me in French… *drum roll* is hot. And not so much of a massive twat as I first thought. In fact, he’s really nice. And he talks to me. That’s a first. Plus I have his Snapchat. And he’s tall. Tall guys are just… My dream. He’s beaut. We spend French lessons taking the piss out of the idiot, now named Imbécile which is hilarious. Ahhh, French has suddenly become much more enjoyable. Let’s call said hot guy, …T.H.G.i.F – Tall Hot Guy in French. How creative.

Nom nom nom.

'Did someone say cute boys?'

‘Did someone say cute boys?’

I’m currently having an ongoing war with Skate about who’s hotter. Myself or him. Totes flirtay leik. I’m very much enjoying it.

Bon nuit mes amis.


The Perks of being Single

I have a question. Why does it seem so ‘important’ to be in a relationship now? Why does it seem to matter so much whether you have a partner? Why has society become so obsessed with the idea of relationships?

Is it really that important?

No. No it’s not.

There is absolutely no need to feel like you’re weird or ugly or unattractive because you don’t happen to be with anyone right now. No one should have to feel that way.

So today I’m going to tell you why you kick-ass single pringles out there should embrace the single life and enjoy it.

And here I present to you:

The perks of being single.

1. You can think someone’s hot without feeling guilty – I mean, seriously, guys.

2. You don’t need to care about the opinions of anyone else – Yes, we are always bombarded with the opinions of others. However, being single, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. (To a certain extent of course.) Plus, you don’t have to worry about appearing interesting, if you want to watch Netflix all day in bed whilst eating about seventy bars of chocolate, approximately ten tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and anything else you can find, YOU CAN! You don’t feel obliged to make an effort for anyone.

3. You can flirt with whoever you want – Some could argue that this is morally wrong but the way I see it, you’re single and you’re not tied to anyone. Flirt as much as your heart desires, my lovelies.

4. No one cares if you are flirting with someone else – In a relationship, if you’re caught flirting with another person… Man, shit is going down. Sometimes harmless comments can be mistaken as flirting and that often does not end well. So, no worries, go ahead and flirt with all five of those hot guys. Just make sure they’re single. XD

5. You can meet up with friends whenever you want – There’s none of the ‘oh-sorry-you-missed-that-thing-you-were-with-your-boyfriend/girlfriend-so-yeah-we-did-it-without-you’. It’ll give you much more time to meet up with them, plus you don’t have the complication of the clashing-dates situation; What happens if your significant other wants to take you on a date or hang out with you but your friends want to do something on the same day? Who do you put first?

6. You’re not constantly checking your phone every five minutes to see if they’ve replied just in case your phone just happened to miraculously switch onto ‘silent’… – And you don’t have the anxiety of ‘oh-my-god-he/she-usually-replies-like-straight-away-it’s-been-ten-minutes-oh-crap-what-have-I-done?!

7. Relationships are expensive. Save the money you would spend and then buy yourself that amazing thing you’ve always wanted.

8. Wearing the same outfit every day for a week – So you have a new favourite top and you want to wear it all the freaking time. But wait, you met up with your Sexual two days ago, wearing that top and you’re meeting up today and you REALLY WANT TO WEAR IT BUT YOU CAN’T. See, none of that!

9. You won’t run out of outfits – There’ll be none of the panic about wearing the same outfit on two different dates. Hahaha, just wear whatever the fuck you want.

10. Buying the perfect present – So it’s your Sexual’s birthday. What do you get them?! PRESSURE! That’s something you don’t have to worry about.

11. You only have one set of parents to worry about – When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about what someone else’s parents are going to think of you.

12. Awkward my-friend-hates-my-boyfriend situation – Yeah, that’s not great. If they really don’t get on, it really restricts what you can do together. Plus, you won’t be able to discuss outfits for your date night with them because they really will not care.

13. Awkward my-friend-is-jealous-of-my-boyfriend situation – This ties in with the previous point. If they’re jealous, well. Urgh. Just… Nooooooooooooooo. Man, it sucks.

14. You can focus on schoolwork – BORING, I know, but you can spend more time studying if you so wish.

15. Leave your room in a mess – You can leave things lying around wherever you so please.

16. You can watch the films you want without having someone yawning in the background – Especially with chick-flicks. If a girl wants to watch The Notebook, she can bloody well watch The Notebook without the interruption of someone else complaining that it’s too soppy.

17. Male friends – You can have loads of (hot) male/female friends without having to defend yourself and explain that nothing else is going on.

18. You don’t have to concentrate on what you look like all the time – Have I already mentioned this? You can sit in your PJs all day with messy hair and no make up and not have a care in the world.

19. You can eat garlic or onion without caring about what your breath smells like. – No need for mints when you’re not going to have someone else’s tongue in your mouth.

20. If you want to feel awkward ending a conversation – This is mainly in les early stages, but you don’t feel like you have to stay up until 5am talking to them if you really want to go to sleep.

21. No one is offended when you happen to be checking out the hot lifeguards at the beach – Like the first one. If you think he’s fit, he’s fit.

22. You can do Beyoncé’s Single Ladies dance and actually mean it.

23. If you want to dance like this, dance like this.

The 24 Most Underrated Parts Of Being Single

No one will judge you!

24. You won’t be ‘the annoying friend with a boyfriend’. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

25. New crushes – Aw aren’t they the best? It’s just so cute.

26. Guys tell you you’re pretty because you are…not because they have to.

27. You don’t have to pretend to care about sport if you don’t like it, and similarly, boys, if you really don’t care about fashion, who cares!

28.  You don’t have to care about anyone else who isn’t you.

And there we have it, a few reasons why the single life is freaking fantastic.



30 Day Challenge – Day 5

This should be interesting.


Day 5 – Five things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

Let me rant about all the things that annoy me about girls and boys.

My life story.

My life story.


Les femmes:

1. Posting selfies of your perfect self, showing off your amazing figure in an amazing outfit telling us all about the party you’re going to, then saying: ‘excuse the horrible face’, or ‘look disgusting in this’, etc, etc, etc. Really? Really? Oh come on, you know you’re freaking hot, stop making the rest of us feel crappy.

2. Floral instragrams – So maybe I’m being a teeny bit stereotypical and judgemental, but the main culprits for this are girls. The Instagram accounts that basically consist of standard pictures of an object on a floral duvet that somehow gets 400 odd likes. IT’S A FUCKING HAIRBRUSH ON A BED. WTF. A while back, I realised I was following (I kid you not) about 50 of these and eventually just got so pissed off with them giving shoutouts to ‘their lovelies’ and saying ‘this lovely’s photos are so unique and original, you need to follow them now!’ when THEIR PICTURES ARE ALSO OF THE SAME BLOODY OBJECTS ON THE SAME BLOODY DUVET COVER.

Sorry. Rant over. If I’ve offended you then I’m sorry. Not really.

3. Well this one kind of goes for both girls and boys but I’ve seen more girls do it than boys. Anyway, people who wear band t-shirts when they don’t even like the band. I mean, I accept the fact that the Rolling Stones logo is pretty kick ass and fashionable, but if you hate their music, why wear their logo on your top?! Again, I’m sorry if I offended you, but there’s my view.

4. Bitches. Do I really need to explain that one?

5. Girls (and boys) who won’t accept compliments. If someone says you’re pretty, smile and just say THANK YOU instead of refuting it! Hypocriiiiiiittttttteeeee

Oh and we cannot forget the girls that fucking hate your guts simply because a mutual friend introduced you to her boyfriend who wasn’t her boyfriend at the time and even though it’s just friends kind of thing she still has it in for you and takes every single chance to flaunt him just because she can and even though you didn’t even do anything to her she has a massive grudge against you even though you were best friends once but no way will she admit that now and ARGH

Moving on.

And now for

Les Hommes:

1. Boys who think they’re more popular than they actually are. This goes for girls as well, but in my experience, I’ve seen more boys be this twatty so yeah, sorry boys.

2. Boys who think they can have aaaaany girl they want. Um, no you bloody well can’t you arrogant little shit.

3. Boys who will talk to you for hours everyday online or whatever then COMPLETELY IGNORE YOU when you see them in real life. Seriously, this pisses me off, because a smile or a slight acknowledgement would be nice, okay, especially if you’ve told me that I’m a good friend and you’d love to talk to me. SERIOUSLY DUDE, I’M NOT THAT UNCOOL. Probably. The bastards.

4. Guys that walk around with their tops off when:

a) it’s not hot

b) they’re over the age of 25, unless you’re exceptionally sexual, (Brendon Urie for example.)

c) they think they’re really attractive when they’re reeeeally not.

d) just because they can.

5. GUYS WHO ONLY POST TOPLESS PICTURES ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM OR WHATEVER. SERIOUSLY. GET. A. LIFE. Just because you have abs, does not make you fucking attractive, plus you look about 10 years old, get off the internet.



There’s Day 5. Sorry for a) ranting and b) if I offended anyone

I really don’t care

I do, I promise. Please tell me someone agrees with the stuff I’ve just said okay make me feel better.