I’m just loving the atmosphere here…

Well. This is going great. Note sarcasm. I’ve spent most of the time in the kitchen with mum and the dog – my grandparents, dad and sister are sitting awkwardly in the living room: grandpa is asleep, grandma is going on about a quiz we obviously have no answers to, and arguing with grandpa every time he wakes up. My face has just been insulted by my own grandfather: ‘eugh I wish I didn’t just look at your face then!’ – why thank you grandfather. Thanks. Thanks SO FREAKING MUCH. Put me in a great mood. My dog is my only loyal friend at the moment. :/
Ooh Michael bublé is playing in the background 😉
Oh god dad is trying to explain to grandpa what a laptop is. Joy
Hope everyone is having a good Christmas!

Oh wow guys it’s Christmas

Now is the time I spaz out. I would run at my best friend screaming but I don’t think her parents would be very impressed. Plus it’s 7:36 and I don’t have the energy (in other words, cba) I’ll
do it over iMessage instead then.


Christmas Eve wasn’t exciting, it didn’t really feel like it until something like 9pm. But we watched Polar Express and Nativity (on a random channel) and then I began to feel Christmasy at last!
When I was little I could never get to sleep, and this was the case up to about 2 years ago where I found I eventually could! Yaaay!
Shame about the crap weather. It was supposed to be a white Christmas, but obviously that was never going to happen. It’s Britain. Come on. It’s not even that cold.
It was good to see everyone in the Christmas spirit this year. Even our bus driver dressed up as Santa and gave us all crackers (thanks Ian ;D) hahaha
The Christmas tree kinda failed this year. I think it would look ok if a load of random gold tinsel didn’t appear to have been thrown from a really bad angle on to any random branch.
My best friend always seems to have really classy Christmas trees. This year especially – they’ve got delicate little icicle things on a string (I make it sound so classy don’t I xD) draped across it instead of tinsel, and all their decorations are individual. Apparently her mum knows where she got each one from: India, random craft fair in Scotland, was given to her by… I don’t know whether to consider this as interesting and high class or whether it’s just a bit sad. :/

Well I’m going to go now I might post something later (yes because I’m so amazing I’d be blogging on Christmas) but for now byeeeeeeeeeeee *marcus butler style bye there – heard of him? Youtuber, go check him out*

And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Now I’ve got merry Christmas everyone stuck in my head.

Christmas Eve…

Well, it’s Christmas Eve! And it doesn’t really feel like it to be honest… I’m still excited, don’t get me wrong but I guess the atmosphere just isn’t the same.
I envy families who all get together on Christmas Eve and play games and have fun. My family just… Isn’t like that. I haven’t decorated my room this year either; I normally do but I just never got round to it.
However, Christmas is by far my celebration of the year… Not because of presents or anything, just because everyone’s a bit more cheerful and all the Christmas lights are up on the houses. I walk my dog with my sister every evening and the lights are really pretty in the dark!


Every Christmas my grandparents come over for Christmas lunch, which for most people would probably be quite enjoyable. But getting asked the same questions 10 times and sitting awkwardly on the stairs (all seats are taken usually) while my grandma moans about something or other isn’t really so appealing. I always tell myself to enjoy being in their company, after all, who knows what could happen in the space of a year? But all the same, it’s hard to enjoy it sometimes.
Then comes the stress of buying presents. I have quite a large group of friends, some of which I’m not particularly close to, so it’s hard to find something they’ll like on a tight budget. I end up giving most people chocolate, everyone loves chocolate right? And then I’m worrying whether everyone will like their presents or not! Stress!! 😉
But I love Christmas music!! Its so happy and cheerful and I like carols too!
But mostly I love Christmas, it’s just kinda magical! Christmas is a good time at school because we just watch films mostly in the last week which is always good!

I’ll post something later today, but for now happy Christmas Eve!!