So here’s the thing.

I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do.

Let’s put this simply.

  • There’s a guy, okay.
  • He’s in the year above.
  • He texts me. A lot.
  • He’s told me he likes me.
  • He’s never met me in person.

Get the jist? Uhm hum. And it’s the awkward stage of I-don’t-know-whether-I-like-him-or-not. BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER MET HIM IN PERSON. I know who he is, I’ve seen him around, but I’ve never actually spoken to him… And it seems like he’s too awkward to actually come and find me. Sound familiar?

I’m just sick of people talking to me all the time online but never in person. Let me put this into perspective.

LSSEoaG (I can’t even remember what I called him now, okay. I’m going to make a glossary. You’re welcome. For now, I’ll call him… Skate. Because, well, he’s a skateboarder. Legit. Remember that.) In the 9 months that I’ve been talking to him, he’s become a really good friend of mine. He’s nothing but nice to me and ugh. Yes, he’s infuriating and annoying and hot and lovely and cool and yeah, and we’ll literally talk for hours. But… I’ve only properly talked to him face to face about… four… maybe five times? That’s really bad. Especially because as you know, he went to my school. Not forgetting the whole I’ll-just-glance-up-at-you-in-the-corridor-with-my-beautiful-eyes-without-actually-saying-hey thing that he always did.

Deluded (remember that guy? No? Okay, well he’s Skate’s best mate and he’s really nice. But he’s overly-obsessed with computers and gaming and himself, even though he says he’s not and Skate said something about it to him without consulting me and that was awkward because I believe he overreacted and then Deluded felt bad an apologised… whoops. But seeing as he’s not so deluded now, let’s call him… J because initials. Have fun guessing his name!) Now he is really nice. We’ve been talking on le old Skype for abouuuuutttt five, six months? I’m not entirely sure on that one. Actually, hold on, I’ll check. *returns* Six months. And I’ve spoken to him a grand total ooooooof…. TWICE. Ahahaha, twice. Once when I forced my yearbook upon him at the end of the year and then when we met up at the cinema and a certain restaurant that rhymes with Bankie and Fenny’s… *cough*. And he’d also do the whole I’ll-occasionally-smile-at-you-but-I-won’t-properly-achknowledge-you-if-I-see-you thing. Now that he’s moved, however, he seems much more keen to meet up. I met up briefly with him a couple of weeks ago, which I think I mentioned, and I got a hug and looked like a total creep stroking his hair… But *bursts into crappy rendition of ‘I love it’, you know, the one that goes ‘I crashed my car into a bridge, I watched and let it burn’ stupidest lyric ever, personally Not heard it? You don’t want to.* But anyway, I’m meeting up with him in town in October and he’s insisting on giving me a guitar lesson on how to play some Veil of Maya song (which will be totally embarrassing because I can’t do picking to save my life) through Facetime tomorrow so… should be interesting.

And thirdly… Flirt. That bastard. (Do I really need to explain who he is? If you’ve only just followed me, first of all, thank you! and secondly, just read back a little. Actually, let’s change his name tooooooooo *list of expletives fill mind* Jerk. Dick. Dickhead. Let’s call him Dickhead.) Short story this one. Flirted during the summer. Apparently really liked me. Three days before the end of the holidays, we became official. First day back at school… We became… unofficial. By text. By fucking text. He hadn’t seen me or made an effort at all in that time and decided it wasn’t ‘working’. Maybe if he’d actually talk to me-shut upAnd so, my four day relationship ended. It’s not been too awkward actually, thank the holy mother of sloths. There’s still the awkward accidental eye contact thing but I’ve had a couple of conversations with him since. Oh and did I update you on his break up excuse? No? Okay, well he texted- (someone please tell me what the past tense of ‘text’ is because this is going to forever annoy me)- me to say that it was because he didn’t want to leave his friends and I wouldn’t want to leave mine and mine are so ‘different’. Ha. Yeah. Mine are absolute social outcasts who annoy the hell out of me. But anyway, in other words, it ended because of popularity statuses and he wanted to let me know that he still thinks I’m pretty, clever and whatever other bullshit he said, and that things could still happen. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NO. Does he really think that I’m just going to wait around for him? Honey, I don’t think so.

And those are the main subjects.

So this guy. Like Skate, he’s nothing but nice to me. But… excessive texting. Every day. At every chance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered that he wants to talk to me but to be fair, there’s not really much variation in conversation. It’s kind of limited, you know? And he’ll flirt… And automatically I’d want to flirt back, just because it’s how flirting works… But the thing about that is, well, I don’t know whether I want to flirt with him. He’s lovely and everything but I can’t help wondering whether he just wants the relationship. When we first started talking, he’d always come to me with some ‘girl problem’ about how he liked this girl and she ignored him or something and this was with about three different girls… And I got bored. And he tells me I’m special etc etc etc but I don’t know whether I can believe him or not. I just don’t trust people as much as I used to.

So I don’t know what to do. I’ve kind of just stuck to subtle flirting, avoiding it when possible until I’ve actually met up with him personally and I know what he’s like. I don’t know what I’m doing right now because I don’t know whether I like him or not. I really don’t. I’m lost right now.


What is your ‘first kiss’?

So, I had a thought this evening. And it probably seems like one of the stupidest questions ever. And one of the soppiest. Sorry not sorry.

What is your ‘first kiss’?

Because, I suppose it depends on your perspective and viewpoint (and whether you’re a hopeless romantic who watches too many chic-flicks, comme moi).

Is it really, the first kiss you had, no matter who it was, when, where or why? I mean, would you class that kiss that you had at a school disco when you were 7 as your ‘first kiss’? Or perhaps one when you were drunk at a party playing Spin the Bottle?

Or is it… the first kiss that really meant something.


Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Because I always thought of ‘a first kiss’ as being something that really meant something, you know? It was something that mattered. I always thought it’d be with the person you love, rather than some stranger. But on the other hand, a first kiss is, basically, the first time you kissed someone, but with added romantic stigma.

Haha, I was a really soppy kid.

And does your first kiss really matter? How significant is it to other people? And can you have multiple ‘first kisses’, for example, your first kiss with a different partner?

What are your views on this? Either vote on the poll (getting techy here) or let me know in the comments and make me feel like I’m not the only one who thinks about these things.


“You’ve been watching ‘Soppy Friday Night with Girlwiththesilverlocket, thank you and good night.”


The Hobbit and other things.

I went to see The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey today! After hearing loads of really good reviews and some not so good reviews, I decided to finally go and see it. And in my opinion, it was really good. Judge me. Martin Freeman made an amazing hobbit, he fitted the character perfectly. Plus, I now want to live in a hobbit hole in a hill.
It would have been better if:
a) we weren’t stuck on one of the front rows
b) we didn’t have annoying kids behind us kicking our seats every 2 minutes
c) we didn’t have to breathe in the horrible, overpowering smell of… weird popcorn mixed with chocolate. Not as nice as you’d think.
d) I didn’t have someone taking up the arm rests.

But hey, it was a good film. I need to watch Lord of the Rings now…

10 day challenge – Seven fears/phobias – day 4

1. Clowns. Not all clowns. Just lots of them.
2. Spiders. Any bigger than this: and I scream and run. I never used to be like this, in fact I used to love spiders but now I just find them creepy and horrible.
3. Creepy cars. By this, I mean cars who suddenly start up when you walk past… cars who follow you… yeah… my sister and I have had a few experiences of this…
4. Men walking alone in the dark. Is an explanation needed?
5. Burglaries, etc.
6. Illness.
7. Getting hurt. In an emotional sense. I’ll do a post on this at some point.

Hope you’ve all had a good day, see you tomorrow guys 🙂 xx

Trying to read Pride and Prejudice…

‘Fall head over heels in love with one of the most heart-warming and entertaining tales of romance ever written!’ – well I would if I could actually understand it! So I’m reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Most of you, especially if you’re british, will have heard of this book before, but just in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you a bit about it from what I have gathered so far… (Only on page 47).


Pride and Prejudice was first published in *looks in le book* 1813! So it’s nearly 200 years old!

It’s a classic tale of romance. As it says on the back, ‘Pride and Prejudice is a story of hasty judgements and heartache, scandalous behaviour, and, finally, true love.’

The book has been made into a film and TV series as well! *scribbles ‘get pride and prejudice film’ on back of… Fuuu that’s my homework*

Well there we go. That’s all I know really…

It’s good so far, good storyline but it’s kinda jumpy… I don’t really know where she is at the moment. But yeah, I like it. C’est très interessant! (Sorry I do that from time to time… Write stuff in French ^.^) it looks good if when someone asks you what you’re reading and you say Pride and Prejudice – ahaha. Until they ask about characters and storyline and shiz, then I’m stuck!

I have no idea what chapter I’m on… The numbers are in Roman numerals and when it gets past X1 I’m stuck. I think I’m on chapter 7… X11? Can someone help me?


^my lovely creation using Pride and Prejudice. 😉

I’m going to try and keep reading it and I aim to finish it by February – then I’ll go back to the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging series- they’re hilarious!

…and it’s CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Yayayayayayayayayayay! *i spaz out at this time every year* I’m going to write something about that tonight, but in the meantime, joyeux noël! Have a lovely day everyone!


Hey, world, I’ve started a blog!

Hey, welcome, bonjour, hola, hallo, aloha, hai, etc.
Thanks for reading this first of all, you’re helping me look less of a loner talking to herself! Which I am… *awkward*
Anyways, I started this blog because I wanted to just talk about life, you know, to people who will listen and maybe have the same problems or interests as me.
I have another blog, which is in a completely different style to this (it’s written in the voice of my dog: go check it out 😉 that would be awesome) I love writing thelastwoof, but as you can probably guess my ideas are limited and there have been many times where I have wanted to write about more personal stuff but of course I couldn’t (it doesn’t apply to my dog). So I started girlwiththesilverlocket.
I’ll be writing about a load of random shiz, posting photos, and whatever else I feel like doing. So please, if you’d like to listen to a random British girl who is trying her hardest to think about what she wants in life, then please follow me! It will make me feel better – I won’t just be talking to myself any more! XD
And if you have similar interests or problems, etc, comment below and we can make each other feel better or just spaz out at the thought of Tom Daley or something… 😀

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!