The Hobbit and other things.

I went to see The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey today! After hearing loads of really good reviews and some not so good reviews, I decided to finally go and see it. And in my opinion, it was really good. Judge me. Martin Freeman made an amazing hobbit, he fitted the character perfectly. Plus, I now want to live in a hobbit hole in a hill.
It would have been better if:
a) we weren’t stuck on one of the front rows
b) we didn’t have annoying kids behind us kicking our seats every 2 minutes
c) we didn’t have to breathe in the horrible, overpowering smell of… weird popcorn mixed with chocolate. Not as nice as you’d think.
d) I didn’t have someone taking up the arm rests.

But hey, it was a good film. I need to watch Lord of the Rings now…

10 day challenge – Seven fears/phobias – day 4

1. Clowns. Not all clowns. Just lots of them.
2. Spiders. Any bigger than this: and I scream and run. I never used to be like this, in fact I used to love spiders but now I just find them creepy and horrible.
3. Creepy cars. By this, I mean cars who suddenly start up when you walk past… cars who follow you… yeah… my sister and I have had a few experiences of this…
4. Men walking alone in the dark. Is an explanation needed?
5. Burglaries, etc.
6. Illness.
7. Getting hurt. In an emotional sense. I’ll do a post on this at some point.

Hope you’ve all had a good day, see you tomorrow guys 🙂 xx

c’est vendredi et c’est fantastique.

Bonsoir mes amis! It’s finally the end of my first week back at school, and it’s been okay. Firstly, I had my first face-to-face conversations with Isaac… and yes I did say conversations AHAHAHA he actually came back! And I talked to him for about 40 minutes… oh my god… perfect… So talking to him just kinda made my week… is that sad? As for lessons, they’ve been okay. I did a speaking and listening assessment in English today – we had to write an opening to a detective story and read it out. We had to follow an absolutely amazing piece (written by my best friend…) so that was great. It turned out quite well though. 🙂
So glad it’s Friday though, the week is finally over… there’s a satisfaction in knowing that the first week back is over.
On a not-so-positive note, that other awkward-guy-friend (not the one who asked me out, the other one) is hardly speaking to me. We used to be best friends, literally we’d tell each other a lot and we’d always talk to each other… now it’s not even smiles. I sit near him in ceramics class and next to him in maths and science which would have been great if this hadn’t happened. He talks to everyone but me. He’s his normal, warm self with everyone but me. I try to make conversation but he just gives cold, one word answers so I tend to just leave him to it. It’s sad though. I think I’ve lost one of my best friends… and that’s something I swore would never happen. It’s sad because I’ve realised if it takes a little thing like that to break us, it was never that strong in the first place. If it’s anything to do with Isaac, well he’ll just have to get over it because I can’t help the fact I really like Isaac. So sorry mate, you’ll just have to get over it.
I have to choose options for college this month… at the moment I’m probably going to take French, geography (or maybe history) and perhaps media. I haven’t decided on the third one yet, it’s a free choice really. If anyone reading this does media, would you recommend it? It links to the career I want to take, journalism, so it may be a good choice. I don’t know, any advice?

10 day challenge – Eight things that annoy you

Ok then.
1. People who play songs (out loud) for about 30 seconds and then skip them. I’m not talking about people who do this once or twice. I’m talking about people who do this all the time. Sorry. It’s just… just either listen to the whole song or skip it when it comes on… not right in the middle of it.
2. Perfect people. This is cliche, but come on. People who are perfect at everything… and I mean everything – subjects, skills, popularity, looks… Just argh. The most infuriating thing.
3. People who, when playing sport, only pass the ball to their friends. Enough said.
4. When something is being rubbed off the whiteboard at school and they miss a tiny bit of pen. I don’t know why, this just annoys me.
5. Open doors. I don’t know why, I just don’t like open doors.
6. I know this is probably mentioned a lot, but girls who pose, complete with duckface, for a profile picture and comment about how horrible they look in it. God.
7. People who, whenever we get test results back, ask everyone they can what they got, simply so they can tell everyone about their amazing grades.
8. People who sing the wrong lyrics to songs. Even if I don’t even like the song, I get really annoyed when people sing the wrong lyrics. JUST SEARCH THE LYRICS ON GOOGLE BITCHES.

Et voila. Bon nuit mes amis. see you later everyone xx