Les nouveaux événements dans la vie de Alex.

(I have no idea whether that title is even remotely right am I supposed to care about this but yeah this is an update post after my shoooooort *cough* month-long *cough* absence… come on, it’s not like no one else takes a hiatus once in a while, shut up and judge me)
It’s the Easter holidays right now where I’m from (yeah we apparently have different holidays to the rest of the UK, like whose amazing idea was that, HMMM?) so I’m still off school for another week-SWEAR TO GOD, WORDPRESS ON TABLET IS THE MOST GODDAMN PISSTAKING THING EVER TO GRACE THE EARTH-. I’m visiting my grandparents from Tuesday to Thursday this week in the south so chocolate, coffee cake (best thing ever) aaaand a load of posh accents ^-^ *casually offends like, a third of the British population*. So that means no wifi unless casually walking through Chichester where random wifi signals decide to throw themselves at me. Also, Chichester means Jack Wills. Jack Wills means basically looking at all the clothes that I can’t afford and then wallowing in my sadness as I eat overly expensive cupcakes for the sake of it.

…That means no posts or replies hahaha like I post anyway for a few days buuuut I’m sure you will all survive without me.

Sooooo, the happenings.

Only 18 days until I see my babies, Panic!, in Manchester, which I’m incredibly excited about because YES. This being the second time of seeing them, I think I’m possibly even more excited as I know how amazing it’ll be aaaaand I know how excited it’s making two of my besties as this is their first time a) seeing Panic! and b) going to a gig like this. Another of our… Well… I’m not going to refer to him as a friend because he was pretty much 50% to blame for a fall out that pretty much split our group into thirds… But anyway he (let’s call him N) decided to invite himself which pissed us off to no extent. However, this does mean that if he decides to be a twat again, as he’s relying on the one person he’s been the worst to for transport, we can just casually drop it that he’ll have to find his own way to Manchester. Hah.

Also, I got tickets to see Tonight Alive at the end of November which will be amaaaazing ^-^ Plus tickets are pretty cheap (£13.75) sooooo why not?

Moving on, it’s almost 5 months with Skate now. He’s trying to get me into skateboarding so I now have one of his old decks propped up against my radiator. It is a loooot harder than you think, but it is fun so we’ll see how it goes.

Last night I went to a funfair for like, the first time possibly in my life? It was on my bucket list so myself, my sister (C), my friend (L) and her sister, also friends with my sister (M) went to the local Easter fair which, I believe, happens every year round here.


There was this small caterpillar rollercoaster (exactly the same as the one in Twinlakes if anyone from the UK has ever been) so, naturally! my sister, who is now 18, and I sat at the back like mature teenagers and definitely did not scream when it dropped like, a metre don’t judge me, okay, I wasn’t expecting it. There was one of the sky flyer things, the one that has the swings on the outside and then it goes up and spins around. It was pretty high so you could see the sunset and it was pretty beautiful. Then we ate candy floss amongst all the lights in the dark and it was just a really nice night, almost like living my childhood now as I never really lived it when I should have done.

Speaking of childhood, I was in WH Smiths the other day and came across a shelf of books from a series called ‘Magic Kitten’ by Sue Bentley. You may have heard of them or seen them around, especially if you live in the UK. They look like this:


These were like, my favourite books from when I was about 6-7 years old and so, in 2007, I wrote to the author and we ended up writing to each other until late 2011. That’s pretty cool, come to think of it, but the coolest thing is, in 2009, she actually based the main character in one of the Magic Pony books (adventurous titles, I know), on me so it’s no coincidence that the girl in Showjumping Dreams is called Alexandra. I just remembered that the other day when I saw it on the shelf. I also got one of the Magic Puppy books before it was published, being the special kid I was.




So, there’s a piece of nostalgia for you. But I’m going to end this now as I can see you getting excruciatingly bored, plus I have an awards post to write see, Mia, I did post… Eventually so adios, cuties, until next time. Xx

Insignificant Numbers. (and whatever else.)

Ah, hello. Nice to see you again.

SO YES, I AM BACK, HELLO HELLO, you’ve missed me? Aw thanks- they didn’t, stop flattering yourself -Great.

Anyway, whether or not you did miss me, I am back from yet another short spell of blog neglect. Yes, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry. 


Alright, let’s start over.


Let’s just pretend I haven’t been neglecting my blog and let’s pretend that I haven’t left about twenty different drafts unfinished because of my new Supernatural addiction and let’s ramble on about my insignificant being for a few hundred words.

What’s been happening in la vie de moi?

Actually, quite a lot. (Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.)

Firstly, I reached 100 followers on this blog about a week or so ago, which is, although probably a rather insignificant to some of you blog-famous people, kind of crazy for me. I was going to dedicate an entire post to this (wow, dedication, so much effort required) but I knew that wouldn’t get done so I suppose this is just a little thing to say thank you. This came just before my one year anniversary (Christmas Eve) so that was pretty damn cool. Truthfully, I never even thought I’d have five followers, let alone over a hundred. You guys are aware that I actually suck in real life, right? You’re not supposed to tell them that, idiot. But to all of you who follow me, or are reading this right now, or have ever read this stupid excuse of a blog, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve made some amazing friends this year through blogging (you know who you are) but this is going to be in my new year post (that I’ll probably finish in July or something, knowing me) so I won’t say much more on the subject. Buuut, yes, thank you all, you’re all fabby.

Secondly, I finally saw Imagine Dragons in November and, as expected, they were absolutely incredible. Plus, I held eye contact with Wayne for twenty seconds, and they were the most amazing twenty seconds of my life.


I’ll do another post with more photos soon because I have so much to say about them and so many pictures to show you hehehe, jealous yet? and just wow.

Thirdly, you know Skate? Of course they know Skate, you’re always mentioning him, you creeper. Well, I may have somehow, somehow, managed to capture him. (In other words, he’s my boyfriend.) Hahahahaha, I know, I can assure you, I am just as surprised as you are; I mean, this is Skate. Le Sexy Garçon. That boy. What. What. That was weird. Really weird. But I love it. The only downside is  the distance (he lives about an hour away), however it’s not too bad. That’s what Skype and trains are for, right?

Fourthly, I got tickets to see Fall Out Boy, supported by New Politics and The Pretty Reckless, which is going to be AMAZING, and THEN, I ALSO GOT TICKETS TO SEE PANIC AGAIN IN MAY AND OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BREATHE AGAIN.

Gigs are now my life.

Speaking of which, I am going to start a music blog (yes, I know, I can’t even keep up with this one, let alone two) but I had a brief moment of realisation today. You see, in the future, my ideal career lies in music journalism, (preferably for the likes of Kerrang! or other music magazines) and I’ve always known that a good way to get an advantage over others is to have a blog, one which you can show potential employers in order to show them what you do. However, I am not about to show them this one (not a good idea to give them an insight into my fifteen year old weirdass mind) so, why not make a dedicated music blog?

I can’t say I’m entirely sure how well it’ll work out, but it’s worth a try. Moreover, if any of you would like to be part of it, please tell me because it would be awesome to get a load of you involved considering you all have impeccable taste and with more people, we can cover a wider range of music and make it a bigger project. But, it’s all voluntary so feel free to do whatever. Just let me know in the comments or through my contact page and we’ll sort something out!

But, for now, that is all from me as it is nearly 1am and my writing capabilities are slowly deteriorating yet again.

Another post later, most likely, considering it is now new year’s eve and it is only fitting.

Love you all, I hope you all have a lovely day and, for those of you in different time zones, happy new year!


9473672283% DONE.


So today has been post-gig sadness, with a little remaining hype mixed in. Plus, the inevitable I-JUST-WANT-TO-SLEEP-CAN-I-SLEEP-ON-THE-DESK-OR-IN-A-CUPBOARD-PLEASE moments during school.

So, while I should really be revising for a French GCSE exam, I’m going to write about this and give you photos and stuff.

So- I’ve just realised that I have started every sentence with ‘so’… DON’T JUDGE ME, I’M TIRED- I had been waiting for this night since the start of summer. AND BOY, WAS IT WORTH IT.

I just. ASDFHGDJKASHDKASGDSAJHDFASKDGAIAUSCHASLHDGSAKJDHASH. I still can’t get over the fact that Brendon FREAKING URIE was in the SAME. ROOM. BREATHING THE SAME. AIR. I just can’t function any more.

Let me provide you with pictures.

First off, was New Politics, an amazing band from le lovely Denmark. They’ve been supporting P!ATD for about two weeks and will continue to do so throughout the UK tour.

David Boyd, New Politics, crowd surfing

David Boyd, New Politics, crowd surfing during Fall Into These Arms

David (left) and Soren (right)

David (left) and Soren (right)

These were absolutely incredible and were so down-to-earth and lovely. We managed to get a photo with them at the end of the evening which was freaking amazing and just… ASDFGHJKL. I kind of just choked on my words as I told them how amazing they were and my my, I think I died.

NP did a half an hour set in which they perfor- BERLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN, BERLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN- *cough* performed some of their best songs.

If you haven’t heard of them, which wouldn’t be surprising, GO AND LISTEN TO THEM NOW. In fact…


Yes, yes, you’re welcome.

They really got it started, but it was nothing, nothing, compared to the reaction when Panic came on. I think I was close to collapsing; I don’t think I can even begin to explain how it felt.

I don’t think I really need to go on about how incredible they were, or how beautiful Brendon looked, or how incredibly talented Dallon and everyone is, so I’ll just give you a load of pictures. I just wish I could put videos on here without having to use a URL… 😦 Maybe I’ll find a way for that.

Whatever. I’m just going to get overtaken by a wave of feels now, adios.


IMG_1856 IMG_1862 IMG_1879 IMG_1887 IMG_1896 IMG_1924 IMG_1913 IMG_1910 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1933

Yeah, okay, I’m done, I can’t cope with this amount of Brendon. Those are just some of the best ones, I’ll put some of the others up soon.

New post sometime soon,

Love you all xx


Guitars and Apologies

1. I’m sorry. For not posting recently. And for eating all the ice cream. I swear to God, if I get any more homework I am going to cry. I have about eight big pieces at a time and it is absolutely ridiculous and stupid and I hate life.

2. I promise that I have so many ideas for posts, I just haven’t had the time or energy to be able to do them. If you don’t believe me, here’s one page of my ideas.

These will get done... Eventually.

These will get done… Eventually.

3. This is going to be really short because all my literary ability has been drained.

4. I really need to stop eating so much crap.

5. I love my English teacher. She gave me books.

6. I’m sick of people not caring.

7. My hair’s purple again.

8. My eyeliner somehow manages to survive a full-on hair wash, but smudges after an hour at school.

9. I really want cake.

10. And band merch.

11. I’m going to cover one of my walls in band posters.

12. I hate people.

13. I don’t think my friends could get any more annoying.

14. I really want coffee.

15. Assemblies are shit.

16. I now have ‘wanking is fun’ on my rubber.

17. I’m going to Normandy (France) in June.

18. I have to find my former French teacher on Monday, the really bitchy one who I never want to see again, ever, because I have to see if she still has my coursework. I need it. I’m not doing it again.

19. David Cameron, I am not going to school from 9-5. No fucking way.

20. I want to kill everyone.

21. I like my fat media teacher. He let me listen to my iPod in class. I had to drown out the noise of the Oranges – the group of infuriatingly loud girls who embrace the whole fakery every single day: tan, lashes, extensions, nails, tons and tons of hot pink lipstick.

22. I’m really hungry right now.

23. It’s cold. Why is it cold?

24. Anyone else from England have the day off on October 1st for the strikes?

25. Rings are my new obsession.

26. I have an arrogant little twat sitting in front of me in French. He went to my primary and my high school so we’re well-acquainted however I hadn’t been in any of his lessons for three years so I’d forgotten how much of a dick he is. I’m better at French than he is, anyway.

27. He’s going to Normandy as well.

28. Apparently it’s wrong to write notes in capitals.

29. Bad Education and Waterloo Road are back. *cries tears of joy* Oh oh oh, and Some Girls is also coming back *cheers*

30. I believe the ice has been broken between said Bastard and I. (Flirt, that is.) Hmph.

31. I have so many books to read.

just a few of them

just a few of them

32. Case studies suck.

33. I have to make up a rap for geography about life in the Kibera Slum. I can’t rap. Or write a rap. I can eat a wrap. Can I just bring in a wrap?

34. Black has been my official nail polish colour for the past couple of weeks. Mother is thinking I’m turning into a goth. Rebel.

35. Look at how utterly riveting our science experiments are at school.

Boiling water. How spectacular.

Boiling water. How spectacular.

36. If you want to contact me, you can drop me a message in the ‘SAY HELLO’ section, because I’m nice. :3


38. If Brendon crowd surfs at the show… I… I might be able to touch his hair holy shit please God

39. The chips my college do are really nice.

40. I really want a new guitar.

For now, my friends, I say good night.


Let’s just finish this.

Well fak. My apologies for my short blogging hiatus, I had a kind of bloggers-block… BUT HERE IS THE LONG DELAYED 30 DAY CHALLENGE, another to add to my collection of failed challenges. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for how bad this post is going to be >.< Again, I will read all your posts and stuff, I just need to get this done else I’m neeeeever going to! Coming up ‘soon’ hahahahaha will be an update post, not that there’s any aspect of my life that is remotely interesting, award posts, how-to thingys and ‘Something about single life idc’ shut up, I don’t think of titles in advance so don’t expect a good one thank you goodbye 

But today…

Let’s just do the whole thing because #yolo. (Totes not hashtagging and saying ‘yolo’ ironically)

Day 13 – A date you would love to go on.

‘Lover’s Bridge’ in Paris. I know it’s not actually called that but I’m a lazy sloth who cannot be bothered to look up the nice French name.

It’s the one where couples lock a padlock onto the sides and throw the key into the river as a sign of their ‘eternal devotion’. Ha.

The locals must get so annoyed with all the padlocks, and so must the fish actually, but PLEASE ACCEPT MY SOPPINESS AND ALLOW ME TO PUT A LOCK ON FOR MYSELF BECAUSE I’M FOREVER ALONE.

Day 14 – Something disgusting you do.

Pick at my nails? Like I don’t bite them, I just kind of pick at the sides of them and urgh.

Day 15 – The best things to happen to you this week.


LSFSEoaG (I can’t even remember what I called him, Le Sexy Garcon anyway) said I was attractive.

everyone dies of astonishment

I fell off my bed.

I went to London for a few days and stayed with my Auntie and Uncle.

yes I know that was last week but idc nothing else has happened

I can finally do Bm on guitar, the annoying little bitch meaning I can now play This Is Gospel by Panic!

I finally bought the Jack Wills sweater I’ve been wanting for ages. (And didn’t get stuck in it)

HA THE BAKE OFF IS BACK, YES. Crap, I just said that on the internet. I like it, okay, don’t judge me. SHUT UUUUUP.

Moving swiftly oooon.

Day 16 – 3 things you are proud of about your personality.

Ooh. Um.

I’ll always listen if someone’s upset, I may not be able to help, but I’ll always be there for them.

I can and will fight back. I’m not someone who’ll just sit there and let someone give me or someone else shit.

I’m quite determined, I don’t give up easily.

Oh dear, mother’s friend is here to see our kettle. Our kettle. Lord help me.

Day 17 – Things that make you scared.

Spiders. Hate the things.

Murderers etc.



Day 18 – Disrespecting parents.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to say about this to be honest. But um yeah, try not to.

Day 19 – Something that never fails to make you feel better.

My bestie, she has some kind of aura that just makes me happy.

Cuddles with my dog.

Playing guitar. I don’t know why, but it’s kind of like a release… Idek.

Brendon Urie’s Vines.

Day 20 – The last argument you had.

Oooohh. If I’d answered this a few weeks ago, this would have been easy as I argued a lot, but not so many recently. Probably with my sister about whether to walk the dog or not. Or with mum, about changing options for college.

Day 21 – Something you can’t seem to get over.

Ummmmm… I only have 8 days left of the Summer holidays? That people actually read this stuff? That Le Sexy Garcon moved and then said I was attractive and now he’s being flirty. I think. LOL NO.


Day 22 – 10 things about you that people don’t really expect.

1. I actually have friends.

2. I did kickboxing for about two years and got two belts.

3. I’m part French.

4. I like rock music.

5. If you insult me, I will insult you back.

6. I will slap you in the face if you’re being a total bastard.

7. I’ve rejected 3 guys. I’m sorry. Not.

8. I really like drama.

9. I… I’ve never read the whole series of… *squeaks and backs away into the shadows* HarryPotterpleasedon’tshootmeIbegofyouI’msorry

10. I’m a blogger. Obviously. And no one will ever know hahaha.

Day 23 – Something you always think ‘what-if’ about.

I have no idea… Um…

‘What if we are all characters in a book and whenever we forget what we were going to say, it’s the author backspacing?’

Don’t expect anything deep from me

Day 24 – Things you want to say to 5 different people.


1. Please stop being so self-obsessed and arrogant. It’s really unattractive.

2. Who’s laughing now, bitch.

3. I’m sorry.

4. You’re amazing and I love you.

5. Why are you so freaking confusing?

Day 25 – 10 ways to win your heart.

Isn’t this kind of similar to one of the others?

But anyway, here goes.

1. You can sing.

2. You play guitar or drums.

3. You have good taste in music.

4. You have amazing hair…

5. You remember little things I’ve said.

6. You remember my birthday.

7. If you talk to me about bands or books.

8. You understand sarcasm.

9. You’re funny.

10. You have good fashion taste. I hate people who are vain, but as long as a guy knows what looks good and what doesn’t… ❤

How bored are you with this post on a scale of 1-10? 10? Yeah, thought so. Me too.

Day 26 – Your religious beliefs.

I was brought up as a Christian (my mother is Christian though my dad isn’t particularly religious) however I soon lost interest. So I suppose I’m atheist. I do, however, take morals and things from various religions, but strictly speaking, I’m not religious at all.

Day 27 – Talk about your siblings.

I’m going to dedicate a post to this so I’m going to skip this one.

Day 28 – The month you were happiest this year and why.

Well, there’s not been a month this year when I’ve been entirely happy. But if I have to choose, it’d be July because there was French exam results which I was like ERMAGHERD HOW DERD THERS HAPPERN kind of thing, then there was all the fun end of term stuff and the London residential which was amazeballs and then I don’t normally say amazeballs, I promise you.   there was prom and parties and holidays and fun and stuff and it was all summery and nice. Apart from the fact that when school finished I ended up arguing with someone every day and felt depressed as hell.

But in general, July 🙂

Day 29 – A picture of yourself.

Alrighty then. Again, this will be taken down in a couple of days time and a lot of you know what I look like anyway but here you go.

(lel picture’s gone now ^-^ there’ll be others)


Day 30 – What changed this month and what you hope will happen next month.

My relationship with my mother got better and I hope it will stay this way.

College (I believe I’m the equivalent of 9th grade?) is next month so I hope that’ll go okay.

And I hope I don’t get obese from eating way too much chocolate.



Photo a day challenge ~ Days 9 – 30

So much for photo a day challenge XD sorry about that. sorrynotsorry

Oh and new post coming soon! Probably.

Day 9: childhood


That’s Ducky (what an imaginative kid I was…) and I’ve had him since I was born. I lost him when I was about 8 and got really upset </3 but then I found him in the loft so it was fine xD

Day 10: Where you sleep


Oh look it’s my bed. How exciting! It’s like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk if you know what I mean. I remember when I first got it done like that when i was about 5. It was the coolest thing in the whole world, and then my sister got jealous and wanted one too. She regrets it now. HAHAHAHAHA. If you saw the size of my room, you’d understand why I have it like that.

Day 11: Close-up

…of what exactly?!


Idek what the close up was supposed to be of, so here’s one of my dog.

Day 12: In your bag


My bag currently includes:
Purse, tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wicked from when I went to Londoonnnn, ticket to a theme park, a ticket for the London eye, some bus and cinema tickets, my key, some post-it notes, a pen, some gum, love hearts, tic tacs (well one tic tac), a bobble and I think that’s it. I’m doing this from memory.

Day 13: Something you’re reading


The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda. Good so far, anyone else read it? 🙂

Day 14: Happiness


Don’t judge me, okay? There were so many things I could have put for this one but I literally just took all these pictures so I didn’t have much to work with. The flower is on my wall (I said, don’t judge me! My room hasn’t been redecorated since I was 4) it’s on like, I don’t know what you call it… This thing: 20130630-160614.jpg

My rooms being redecorated in summer though so yay. The ukulele, well do I really have to explain? And the lamb? Well. It’s just… Happy. Nuff said.

Day 15: Morning

HAHAHAHAHA my morning reaction:

(Deleteeeddd sorryyyyy)

Pretty much.

Day 16: Water


Top left was one I took on holiday last year, then the rest I took in Iceland!

Day 17: Something you bought


Programme for Wicked in London :DDDD amazing show, if you haven’t already, you need to see it. More about mon London trip in next post!

Day 18: Something sweet



Top: A Yankee Candle that I bought a while ago, it smells so nice! Sweet!

Bottom: A puffin thing I got from Iceland 🙂 I thought it was a penguin at first. Then I realised it was a puffin and I realised why the person had looked amused when I asked how much the penguin was. *facepalm*

Day 19: Someone you love

This one’s going to be deleted on Monday evening GMT so sorry if you don’t get to see this one! 😦

(Deleted again)

This is a picture of my best friend (left) and I (right). I love her to bits, she’s awesome.

20. Reflection


I didn’t know why to do for this one as I couldn’t find the picture I wanted so um, this is me right now. Woo.

21: Your shoes

…which shoes?! Well the ones I had on today were:



Day 22: Guilty pleasure

Here’s one of many:

IT LOOKS NICER IN REAL LIFE I SWEAR IT’S THE LIGHTING. Anyway, it’s a mug cake. And they’re making me fat.

Day 23: Something old


Batty. (Told you i was imaginative when it came to names) I used to take him everywhere with me. I was a loner in play group (nursery, pre school, kindergarten, whatever, that kind of thing) so yeah, he was my only friend. *cue tears*

Day 24: Something you made


Day 25: Colour

I walked found the house stalking colourful things. This was the first thing I found.


Day 26: Lunch

Too late. Already eaten it. It was beans on toast.

Day 27: Light


Day 28: Inside your fridge

Well we have 2 and they’re not interesting but here you go anyway


Day 29: Nature




Top: a waterfall and glacier in Iceland
Middle: my dog during a walk round the fields near my house
Bottom: some flowers that had been cut down on the next field so my sister and I collects some and put them in a vase. I looked like a weird hipster on the way back.

Day 30: You again

Why is another selfie required?!

(Again, deleted, sorry)

That’s going to be taken down too, privacy reasons. :3

Well that’s the challenge done, hope you enjoyed this post! New one coming soon, IT’S NEARLT THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS HAHAHA LIKE 12 DAYS OR SOMETHING YESSSSSSSS!!