Photo a day challenge ~ Days 9 – 30

So much for photo a day challenge XD sorry about that. sorrynotsorry

Oh and new post coming soon! Probably.

Day 9: childhood


That’s Ducky (what an imaginative kid I was…) and I’ve had him since I was born. I lost him when I was about 8 and got really upset </3 but then I found him in the loft so it was fine xD

Day 10: Where you sleep


Oh look it’s my bed. How exciting! It’s like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk if you know what I mean. I remember when I first got it done like that when i was about 5. It was the coolest thing in the whole world, and then my sister got jealous and wanted one too. She regrets it now. HAHAHAHAHA. If you saw the size of my room, you’d understand why I have it like that.

Day 11: Close-up

…of what exactly?!


Idek what the close up was supposed to be of, so here’s one of my dog.

Day 12: In your bag


My bag currently includes:
Purse, tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wicked from when I went to Londoonnnn, ticket to a theme park, a ticket for the London eye, some bus and cinema tickets, my key, some post-it notes, a pen, some gum, love hearts, tic tacs (well one tic tac), a bobble and I think that’s it. I’m doing this from memory.

Day 13: Something you’re reading


The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda. Good so far, anyone else read it? 🙂

Day 14: Happiness


Don’t judge me, okay? There were so many things I could have put for this one but I literally just took all these pictures so I didn’t have much to work with. The flower is on my wall (I said, don’t judge me! My room hasn’t been redecorated since I was 4) it’s on like, I don’t know what you call it… This thing: 20130630-160614.jpg

My rooms being redecorated in summer though so yay. The ukulele, well do I really have to explain? And the lamb? Well. It’s just… Happy. Nuff said.

Day 15: Morning

HAHAHAHAHA my morning reaction:

(Deleteeeddd sorryyyyy)

Pretty much.

Day 16: Water


Top left was one I took on holiday last year, then the rest I took in Iceland!

Day 17: Something you bought


Programme for Wicked in London :DDDD amazing show, if you haven’t already, you need to see it. More about mon London trip in next post!

Day 18: Something sweet



Top: A Yankee Candle that I bought a while ago, it smells so nice! Sweet!

Bottom: A puffin thing I got from Iceland 🙂 I thought it was a penguin at first. Then I realised it was a puffin and I realised why the person had looked amused when I asked how much the penguin was. *facepalm*

Day 19: Someone you love

This one’s going to be deleted on Monday evening GMT so sorry if you don’t get to see this one! 😦

(Deleted again)

This is a picture of my best friend (left) and I (right). I love her to bits, she’s awesome.

20. Reflection


I didn’t know why to do for this one as I couldn’t find the picture I wanted so um, this is me right now. Woo.

21: Your shoes

…which shoes?! Well the ones I had on today were:



Day 22: Guilty pleasure

Here’s one of many:

IT LOOKS NICER IN REAL LIFE I SWEAR IT’S THE LIGHTING. Anyway, it’s a mug cake. And they’re making me fat.

Day 23: Something old


Batty. (Told you i was imaginative when it came to names) I used to take him everywhere with me. I was a loner in play group (nursery, pre school, kindergarten, whatever, that kind of thing) so yeah, he was my only friend. *cue tears*

Day 24: Something you made


Day 25: Colour

I walked found the house stalking colourful things. This was the first thing I found.


Day 26: Lunch

Too late. Already eaten it. It was beans on toast.

Day 27: Light


Day 28: Inside your fridge

Well we have 2 and they’re not interesting but here you go anyway


Day 29: Nature




Top: a waterfall and glacier in Iceland
Middle: my dog during a walk round the fields near my house
Bottom: some flowers that had been cut down on the next field so my sister and I collects some and put them in a vase. I looked like a weird hipster on the way back.

Day 30: You again

Why is another selfie required?!

(Again, deleted, sorry)

That’s going to be taken down too, privacy reasons. :3

Well that’s the challenge done, hope you enjoyed this post! New one coming soon, IT’S NEARLT THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS HAHAHA LIKE 12 DAYS OR SOMETHING YESSSSSSSS!!


Photo a day challenge ~ Day 7

Sorry this is late, I was out last night and when I came back, the wifi wouldn’t work 😦 anyway:

Day 7: Favourite

I’m not entirely sure what kind of thing I should so for this because it is a very vague outline, so I’m just going to do my favourite photo.


That’s a photo of my ‘shared’ cat, Charlie, who died two years ago. Istill love him to pieces. Plus bubbles have to be one of the most photogenic things ever.

Another of my favourite photos is one I took in Devon a couple of years ago. I don’t know, I just like this one 🙂 failed photography skills


Aaaand there’s this one. It was too hard to choose just one photo so here, have three.



Photo a day challenge ~ Day 3

Day 3: something you adore

I have so many things I could put for this but here’s one:


This is my dog, Jumble. He’s a staffie-whippet cross and is a rescue dog. He is nearly 3 years old now, which is quite hard to believe as we got him when he was only 6-8 months old (the people at the shelter had to guess as he was a stray). I love him to bits.


P.s. I am going to a proper post again soon, I promise! 🙂 oh and I’m contemplating making a ‘contact me’ page? Would any of you like that?