~ An Introduction ~

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this is where most of my ‘about me’ type posts are

Why hello there.

Somehow, you have miraculously reached my blog. Thank you. Ily.

So I should probably tell you some things about myself.

1. Let’s bond over mutual hate.

Seriously, that is not a great way to start.


I’m not great at bios or talking about myself, so I guess I’ll just run with it. ‘About Me’ is a huge generalisation. We all come to these pages to find out a little about the hidden writer behind the screen, and so we each have to portray ourselves in a way that suitably fits our personalities. However, how can you form an accurate idea of a person from a few hundred words? You can’t. But I’ll try.

I am a teenage girl, living in England. I’m pessimistic, I swear way too much and I hurt the people I love.

Buuuut, I try my best. I’m still trying to figure out what I want in life.

Okay, okay, don’t make this go all deep.

Well, there’s not much to say about me to be honest. I make a lot of mistakes… feel bad… then write about them. Basically.


Anyway, enough with that, I’ll tell you some of my favourite things… kind of like a fact file I guess, for those of you who are interested XD Why are you interested in this?

1. Music: Favourite bands, etc – I adore music, it’s so important to me and I constantly have it playing. I love rock and alternative music, but absolutely hate chart music. Nu. Some of it’s okay, I guess, but mainly I think it’s terrible. But there we go, stupid music snob over here. XD But if I’m at a party or something hahahahaha who am I kidding, I don’t go to parties I’ll enjoy it for some reason. I’m weird like that. Anyway, my favourite band is Panic! At the Disco, who are amazing and Brendon Urie is just perfect, okay? And then there’s the incredible Imagine Dragons, Paramore, Bastille and Fall Out Boy  along with Florence and the Machine, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Seriously though, I have so many bands I love, and there’s just too many to name! Jimmy Eat World, Funeral for a Friend, Sleeping with Sirens, You Me At Six, Failsafe, Mumford & Sons, Biffy Clyro, Fei Comodo, This Many Boyfriends, 21 Pilots, New Politics, Fightstar, We Are Scientists, Two Door Cinema Club… Do you really want me to go on? No, of course not, you’re being boring, idiot.

Anyway, in the sidebar, there’s some Spotify thingies that mean you can listen to some of the bands I like while reading posts! EXCITING.

2. TV shows and films and shit like that – Ummmmmmm… Russell Howard’s Good News, The Inbetweeners, Fresh Meat, Bad Education (Jack Whitehall’s in it, come on)… And you’ll probably only know these if you live in the UK. …Why am I saying this stuff, it’s totally irrelevant and whatever. I love comedies and *hangs head in shame* chick-flicks. sorry not sorry I… I really like The Notebook… And 17 Again… I’m sorry okay. I just like that stuff because IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *sobs uncontrollably in corner*

3. Books – I absolutely love reading. I often have like, 3 books on the go. I can’t say I have a favourite author, because I love loads. John Green is amazing, he makes me cry, Louise Rennison (the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging series) and so many others. Discuss books with me, I’ll love you forever.

4. School stuff – I’m in year 10 now, which is… I have no idea what the equivalent is in America. Anyway, my favourite subject is drama, though, being a stupid idiot, I’m not doing it any more because I didn’t choose it as an option. *facepalm* I also really like English, I always start stories that I never finish but I enjoy writing them when I do. I want to have a career in journalism, so I’m hoping that’ll happen for me. The subjects I dislike most have to be maths, PE and French. Again, being an idiot, I decided to take French as an option. BUT IT’S LOGICAL, OKAY? Because it’s something I’m good at it (God knows how) and it’s useful. So, yep.

I’m argumentative. Very argumentative, depending on who I’m with. But I love to make friends and stuff so I’m sure we’ll get on 🙂 As long as you’re not a twat. But I haven’t come across ANY bloggers that are so yay.

Random shizzle about moi:

1. I love the moon and the stars. They’re a constant in a changing world. They’re beautiful.

2. I play ukulele and guitar. Though I really can’t do tab. Chords, I’m okay with, but tab… Ah nah.

3. I’m addicted to the internet. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat… whatever.

4. I have a dog called Jumble and I love him to bits. He’s 3 years old and a staffie-whippet cross from an animal shelter. He’s adorable.

5. The best place I’ve had the pleasure to visit is Iceland. It’s an incredible country, with absolutely amazing nature. Not to mention the Blue Lagoon, which is heavenly. Plus there were fit topless boys. I am such a creeper. Just… get in and out the changing rooms as quick as possible… That’s traumatic. But wow, if you have the chance, seriously, go. It’s amazing.

6. I wear too much eyeliner.

7. Half the time, I can’t even do it properly.

8. My hair is often dip dyed. Mainly purple :3

9. I try my best to post regularly, but… as existing followers know… that doesn’t always happen. So sorry in advance, I really do love you.

10. I love the blogging community, you guys are amazing and I love talking to you. So comment and LET ME LOVE YOU.

Told you I was a creeper.

11. You can always rely on me to do something stupid, so no matter how stupid you think you’ve been, take a look at my blog and laugh at me. 🙂

12. Sloths and llamas are amazing. You can’t not love them. SLLAMAS FTW. And platypuses. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS?!


Thanks for checking out my blog guys, you’re awesome, I love you. If you want to contact me, please feel free to comment or email me at girlwiththesilverlocket@gmail.com :DDD Oh, and be warned, I overuse ‘XD’ in conversations. Just warning you.

Have a beautiful day/night wherever you are, and stay strong.


If you’ve read all that, 1. HOW? 2. WHY? 3. Thank you. XD

184 thoughts on “~ An Introduction ~

  1. you like florence and the machine too? now now, you’re now making me feel unoriginal! 🙂 haha.
    ingrid michaelson, sara bareilles, the script, imagine dragons, bon iver, oh and death cab for cutie! you should listen to a song called “I’ll follow you into the dark” by them. 🙂 i think you’ll enjoy it. hahaha and your trials with eyeliner? universal problem. 🙂

  2. I am a pathetic fail with eyeliner. And then my cousin, who is not a pathetic fail with eyeliner, told me how she does it, i.e. put a massive big blobby line of eyeliner on your eye (not your actual eye obviously, that would be …. painful …..) and then use a cotton wool bud with make-up remover on it to make it neat. Somehow when I tried it I managed to get both eyeliner AND cotton wool in my eye, whilst poking it. So that went well ……… my struggles continue 🙂

    • Hahaha Glasgow I’m not th- (wait GLASGOW?! I meant ‘glad to know’ damn you auto-correct)- I’ll start again,

      Hahaha glad to know I’m not the only one! 😀 I have improved… But that’s of personal opinions… A lot of people probably think it’s crap! And your cousin’s method does sometimes work, but like you, I end up with a lot of make up remover in my eye… And the cotton bud. I’ve found a felt tip style liner is easier for me, so you could try that if you haven’t already! XD


  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland! Seriously, it’s like the number one country I want to visit before I die! Plus, we have a pretty much identical taste in music, so I will most certainly be following you! 🙂

    • You definitely should!! It’s a beautiful country! If you go, make sure you go to the Blue Lagoon… Omg it’s amaaaaazing! Haha woo! Glad to hear it! Awh thank you! I’ll check your blog out too! :DDD

  4. Makeup is a universal problem ><' I can't put on eyeliner at all cause I look like a frickin' raccoon 😀 And I still stick my mascara in my eye every time I try to put it on, even though I'm almost 16 (EPIC FAIL TIME I KNOW). Anywho awesome blog I really like it!! From now on I will stalk you by following you. I mean, like, your blog. 🙂

    Yours sincerely,
    An American girl who's grown up in France all her life and who thinks it's reaaaaally weird that you would want to take French in the first place. Not that it isn't a beautiful language. Cause it is. So, yeah.

    • Yaaaaaayyy! Let’s be raccoons together! Omg I do the mascara thing all the time! It’s so annoying! XD why thank you, lovely stalker, I shall stalk you too. On your blog. Obviously. … … … *cough* no seriously thank you! I’m touched! Ahaha I don’t understand either to be honest, but there we go XD how’s life in France? XD

      • *The Raccoon Life* xD I like waste sooo much time each morning doing it over again! And when I don’t have time and I put it on at school, where I have no makeup remover.. then things get serious 😉 life in France is very French (yes, I tend to be painfully obvious x)) by this I mean that the people are arrogant, the food is good, the weather sucks but at least the air is reasonably clean 🙂 How’s England?

      • Ahaha XD I didn’t choose the racoon life, the racoon life chose me XD oh my I know right! It always takes sooooo long! It’s not unknown for me to spend an hour on it >.< hahaha I can imagine! That's brave, we had no mirrors in my previous school so it was impossible! Haha, the French life sounds nice XD if I could actually speak relevant French! XD England is… Uninteresting, the weather can't make up its mind (we had a heat wave, then it decided to rain and be freezing and now apparently we're going to have another heatwave, whaaaat) and all in all it's just.. Englandy XD the tea is good ^-^

  5. As much of an optimist as I am, haha- I love your outlook on life!! I’m pretty sure I had a seizure when I read all of the bands you like… Especially considering Panic! was the first one listed. We are soulmates, my friend. You should check out my blog, we have many similarities!! You earned yourself a follower, keep up the amazing blog! 🙂

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