Whooooooooooooooooooaokay. You can all stop screaming now, I’m here.

2015, huh. I’m still not so sure about how significant the whole new year thing is to me. Half of me feels like YES NEW YEAR LET’S MAKE THIS GREAT and then the other half just doesn’t give one. I think this is going to be a year of change, definitely, and I’m feeling a lot better in myself, generally, than I have been for a long while so I’m determined to keep getting better.

As for resolutions, we all know how great I am at keeping those. So I just want to make sure I keep my happy dosage up and have more faith in myself. I just need to make sure I don’t slip again, and if I do, I’m going to make sure I get straight back up.

I also need to improve my diet. But I also know that there’s no way I’d keep the whole ‘ditch-the-chocolate’ thing up, so I’m just eating more fruits and vegetables, that kind of thing, just generally healthy foods and I swear I will try to exercise more… (she says as she lies in bed at 1pm).

Saving money is another thing I really need to improve at. When I get my end-of-month pay check kind of thing (god knows what it’s called), I just stare blankly at it trying to work out where the £200 went.

So, I guess they’re the main things I’m going to try and do this year. We’ll see how that works out, ha.

Let’s kick 2k15’s butt.



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