Sisterhood Award

The actual award is called Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award but it kind of hurt my brain a little so I cut it short in the title.


For this award, all you have to do is nominate twelve other bloggers I believe. So, thank you to Mia (you got your posts in the end XD) and now I’m going to nominate people, probably not twelve but let’s see how this goes. I have no idea who’s already been nominated, by the way so expect re-nominations.

Attempting Reality

Jacqui’s Song


You Are a Wallflower

and of course Mia (Okaaythen.)

Hardly twelve but hey. Happy Easter for yesterday, by the way.

(And I realised that I will be able to reply to comments etc, because 3G, duh.)


(I wrote an update post just before this one in case you haven’t seen that yet ^^)



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