The awkward… It’s too much. (Read before watching please urgh this is so bad)

SIDENOTE: Yeah so, um, I took this down because awkward ugh, but if you still want to watch the awkward, comment and I’ll give you the link ❤

Me. Talking. Cameras. Videos. Awkward.

Oh dear.

These things do nooooot go well together, well, at least the ‘me’ bit doesn’t. So anyway, because I have a load of awards to thank you all for and let’s face it, they would not get done, aaaaaaand because Mia (by the way, I’m so sorry if I pronounce your name wrong, like there’s two ways and ugh) did this and I owe her a video (you can watch hers here because she’s amazing and I love her so much, plus her accent is way cooler than mine), I did the same kind of thing.

There will be two videos (oh yay, double the awkwardness) because it ended up being over half an hour long and it decided to be a dick and go corrupt so that’ll be sorted out at some point in the next few days (it’s not as bad as this one, kind of). So this one is the Shine On Award and the next one is the Super Sweet Award (fank you, George) and some questions that I answered for the hell of it.

But, to start off with, here, have a video of my face and excuse the fact that I sound like a five year old and look like I haven’t slept for years. Aaaand, for the record, you might want to turn up the volume quite a bit because it’s really quiet.

*video would have been here oop*

Plus, before I go, I have absolutely no idea who’s already had this award so I nominate everyone who hasn’t had this yet or just feels like doing something similar. Just write a post or something, or a video if you’re feeling adventurous (please do it and make me feel less awkward).

Sooo, thank you to Mia and until next time *runs fast into the distance*



4 thoughts on “The awkward… It’s too much. (Read before watching please urgh this is so bad)

  1. OH. MY. GOD.
    Your accent s adorable, its kind of country:3 WHY YOU SO CUUUUUUTE XD I think I died at least three times….especially at the “metaphor for my life”….it was something i could see myself saying…
    and yes, yes you did say my name right:D

    • Aww thank you ^-^ I never really paid much attention to it before XD hehe, awh, fanks, it’s magic (and awkwardness) 😉 REALLY, YAYAYAYAY aw I’m so proud :’D AHHH MIA I LOVE YOU TOO ^-^ the skype notifications pissed me off so much though XD oh good, after I filmed it I just thought oh shit because pronounciations XD glad you lieked it anyways ^-^ ❤

  2. Oh my gosh, you and Mia both have the cutest accents ever. Ps. I am so jealous of your hair! It’s like, so perfect and straight.

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