This has to be quick as, surprise surprise, I have an absolute tonne of homework to get done again but here’s the thing:

Myself and some friends are going to a Taylor Swift concert on February 1st and we’re making a notebook/scrapbook/random object to give to her. Inside will be quotes and notes/letters from fans etc, sooooo if any of you happen to like Taylor even a little, please please please feel free to add a note! You can do whatever, fanart/notes/full blown letters or whatever, as long as you can send it to me in the next week, week and a half or so! You can do that by using the contact page on my blog or you can email it to me at girlwiththesilverlocket@gmail.com. We’re also putting the URL’s of those fans after their contribution if they wish or any contact details (email address, blog, whatever) so that she can reply if possible.

I really hope some of you can join in on this so comment if you need details or anything and I’ll send you a photo of it or something when it’s done!

Lots of love



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