The New Year Plan


Inevitably, WordPress is undoubtedly going to blow up with New Year blogging: resolutions, memories and thoughts on 2013, hopes for 2014 and all that deep, reflective thinking. So I guess, as one of my resolutions is to make a little more of an effort with this this year like that’s going to work shut up you know it won’t, ooh, rain  stop getting distracted I guess I should probably add my pitiful attempt at a god this rain is really loud post myself.

However, instead of writing one stupidly long, infuriatingly boring post, I’m going to split it into various things.

  • Blog reflections ~ Considering I started this blog on Christmas Eve 2012, I may as well look back on some of my worst posts ever and laugh and cringe at how badly worded they are and at my failed attempts to make jokes. And just muse over how awesome you all are and wonder about how you don’t realise how much I suck.
  • Reflections on the past year ~ Basically where I remember all the really bad/awkward/stupid/idiotic things that have happened over the past year and cry about them whilst armed with a pot of Ben and Jerry’s.
  • Resolutions (and what happened to last year’s) ~ Oh dear.
  • 2014 Bucket List ~ Bucket lists are good, right?
  • Hopes for 2014 ~ Probably trying to be deep and failing.
  • Blog ideas and series that I may or may not keep up ~ I have so many ideas lying around so I may as well list them all and have this list as a constant reminder of my decreasing blogging abilities.

And there you have my New Years plan, if I actually stick to it.

Which I will. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully? 

And now to do it. Shit.



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