Insignificant Numbers. (and whatever else.)

Ah, hello. Nice to see you again.

SO YES, I AM BACK, HELLO HELLO, you’ve missed me? Aw thanks- they didn’t, stop flattering yourself -Great.

Anyway, whether or not you did miss me, I am back from yet another short spell of blog neglect. Yes, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry. 


Alright, let’s start over.


Let’s just pretend I haven’t been neglecting my blog and let’s pretend that I haven’t left about twenty different drafts unfinished because of my new Supernatural addiction and let’s ramble on about my insignificant being for a few hundred words.

What’s been happening in la vie de moi?

Actually, quite a lot. (Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.)

Firstly, I reached 100 followers on this blog about a week or so ago, which is, although probably a rather insignificant to some of you blog-famous people, kind of crazy for me. I was going to dedicate an entire post to this (wow, dedication, so much effort required) but I knew that wouldn’t get done so I suppose this is just a little thing to say thank you. This came just before my one year anniversary (Christmas Eve) so that was pretty damn cool. Truthfully, I never even thought I’d have five followers, let alone over a hundred. You guys are aware that I actually suck in real life, right? You’re not supposed to tell them that, idiot. But to all of you who follow me, or are reading this right now, or have ever read this stupid excuse of a blog, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve made some amazing friends this year through blogging (you know who you are) but this is going to be in my new year post (that I’ll probably finish in July or something, knowing me) so I won’t say much more on the subject. Buuut, yes, thank you all, you’re all fabby.

Secondly, I finally saw Imagine Dragons in November and, as expected, they were absolutely incredible. Plus, I held eye contact with Wayne for twenty seconds, and they were the most amazing twenty seconds of my life.


I’ll do another post with more photos soon because I have so much to say about them and so many pictures to show you hehehe, jealous yet? and just wow.

Thirdly, you know Skate? Of course they know Skate, you’re always mentioning him, you creeper. Well, I may have somehow, somehow, managed to capture him. (In other words, he’s my boyfriend.) Hahahahaha, I know, I can assure you, I am just as surprised as you are; I mean, this is Skate. Le Sexy Garçon. That boy. What. What. That was weird. Really weird. But I love it. The only downside is  the distance (he lives about an hour away), however it’s not too bad. That’s what Skype and trains are for, right?

Fourthly, I got tickets to see Fall Out Boy, supported by New Politics and The Pretty Reckless, which is going to be AMAZING, and THEN, I ALSO GOT TICKETS TO SEE PANIC AGAIN IN MAY AND OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BREATHE AGAIN.

Gigs are now my life.

Speaking of which, I am going to start a music blog (yes, I know, I can’t even keep up with this one, let alone two) but I had a brief moment of realisation today. You see, in the future, my ideal career lies in music journalism, (preferably for the likes of Kerrang! or other music magazines) and I’ve always known that a good way to get an advantage over others is to have a blog, one which you can show potential employers in order to show them what you do. However, I am not about to show them this one (not a good idea to give them an insight into my fifteen year old weirdass mind) so, why not make a dedicated music blog?

I can’t say I’m entirely sure how well it’ll work out, but it’s worth a try. Moreover, if any of you would like to be part of it, please tell me because it would be awesome to get a load of you involved considering you all have impeccable taste and with more people, we can cover a wider range of music and make it a bigger project. But, it’s all voluntary so feel free to do whatever. Just let me know in the comments or through my contact page and we’ll sort something out!

But, for now, that is all from me as it is nearly 1am and my writing capabilities are slowly deteriorating yet again.

Another post later, most likely, considering it is now new year’s eve and it is only fitting.

Love you all, I hope you all have a lovely day and, for those of you in different time zones, happy new year!



18 thoughts on “Insignificant Numbers. (and whatever else.)

  1. Happy New Year to you too! I hope you’re back for a while. Congrats on the new man and I can’t wait to hear about Imagine Dragons *cries*

    • I will be (well I’ll try my best anyway hehe) and considering it’s new year and all, may as well make it a resolution? Hehe thank you! And aaaaaaaah I thought of you while I was there, hopefully you’ll be able to see them some time soon, I’m sure they’ll be back! AND YOU’RE SEEING BASTILLE? WHAT WHAT WHAT

      • Good plan! At least blogging is somewhat productive…at least for the soul anyway. Ohhh my gosh I’m so sad that their concerts here were 18+ but yes, hopefully sometime soon they come back! And YES they’re touring here in June next year and my friends and I bought tickets. I’m so freaking excited!

      • Any productivity is better than I, I should think! Ahhh yes! I’m sure there’ll be ones for under 18s too, hopefully! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M SO ENVIOUS!! They’re playing at a venue a couple of hours from here but tickets are on sale JUST as I have absolutely no money *cries*

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