Guitars and Apologies

1. I’m sorry. For not posting recently. And for eating all the ice cream. I swear to God, if I get any more homework I am going to cry. I have about eight big pieces at a time and it is absolutely ridiculous and stupid and I hate life.

2. I promise that I have so many ideas for posts, I just haven’t had the time or energy to be able to do them. If you don’t believe me, here’s one page of my ideas.

These will get done... Eventually.

These will get done… Eventually.

3. This is going to be really short because all my literary ability has been drained.

4. I really need to stop eating so much crap.

5. I love my English teacher. She gave me books.

6. I’m sick of people not caring.

7. My hair’s purple again.

8. My eyeliner somehow manages to survive a full-on hair wash, but smudges after an hour at school.

9. I really want cake.

10. And band merch.

11. I’m going to cover one of my walls in band posters.

12. I hate people.

13. I don’t think my friends could get any more annoying.

14. I really want coffee.

15. Assemblies are shit.

16. I now have ‘wanking is fun’ on my rubber.

17. I’m going to Normandy (France) in June.

18. I have to find my former French teacher on Monday, the really bitchy one who I never want to see again, ever, because I have to see if she still has my coursework. I need it. I’m not doing it again.

19. David Cameron, I am not going to school from 9-5. No fucking way.

20. I want to kill everyone.

21. I like my fat media teacher. He let me listen to my iPod in class. I had to drown out the noise of the Oranges – the group of infuriatingly loud girls who embrace the whole fakery every single day: tan, lashes, extensions, nails, tons and tons of hot pink lipstick.

22. I’m really hungry right now.

23. It’s cold. Why is it cold?

24. Anyone else from England have the day off on October 1st for the strikes?

25. Rings are my new obsession.

26. I have an arrogant little twat sitting in front of me in French. He went to my primary and my high school so we’re well-acquainted however I hadn’t been in any of his lessons for three years so I’d forgotten how much of a dick he is. I’m better at French than he is, anyway.

27. He’s going to Normandy as well.

28. Apparently it’s wrong to write notes in capitals.

29. Bad Education and Waterloo Road are back. *cries tears of joy* Oh oh oh, and Some Girls is also coming back *cheers*

30. I believe the ice has been broken between said Bastard and I. (Flirt, that is.) Hmph.

31. I have so many books to read.

just a few of them

just a few of them

32. Case studies suck.

33. I have to make up a rap for geography about life in the Kibera Slum. I can’t rap. Or write a rap. I can eat a wrap. Can I just bring in a wrap?

34. Black has been my official nail polish colour for the past couple of weeks. Mother is thinking I’m turning into a goth. Rebel.

35. Look at how utterly riveting our science experiments are at school.

Boiling water. How spectacular.

Boiling water. How spectacular.

36. If you want to contact me, you can drop me a message in the ‘SAY HELLO’ section, because I’m nice. :3


38. If Brendon crowd surfs at the show… I… I might be able to touch his hair holy shit please God

39. The chips my college do are really nice.

40. I really want a new guitar.

For now, my friends, I say good night.



30 thoughts on “Guitars and Apologies

  1. It’s really hard to post now, isn’t it…SCHOOL CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF MY LIFE IS ONLINE.
    I want to reply to loads of this points (and i will because im lovely and kind and I actually care about your life bby) but im sorting out my work experience with my amber

      • urg, your entire post is describing my life; friends: stab stab STAB. boys: ….fuck you all, stop touching me, go away, NO I DONT LIKE YOU, stop staring at me just because we kissed, NO BEST FRIEND OF GRIM YOU DO NOT I REPEAT NOOOOT NEED TO BRING UP GRIM AND I’S LITTLE SUMMER THING UP ALL THE TIME. ZIP. IT.
        *rant over*
        *coughs* sorry, i was suddenly very angry…but anyways YAY YOU’RE BACK! and oooooh tell me about dickface in front of you for maths

      • urgrgiskjsofskdbfdsf,sdkf friieennnddss D: uurubfdskf asdjkasdmas booyyysssss D: oh that’s grim 😦 …PUN NOT INTENDED IM SORRY maaa what happened? ehe feel free, I luff rants XD right well. he’s the kind of person who you /reeeeeally/ want to slap in the face.
        1. arrogant – for no reason because he really isn’t clever or good looking or anything
        2. patronising – does the whole ‘do you need help are you sure you’re okay with this because ive got it fine but other people might need help do you want help’ even though, no I obviously don’t aaaaand he’s /reeeeallly/ shit at French so I totes own him
        3. he asks me the same fucking questions every single lesson
        4. he takes his biology study guide out in the middle of class and starts readiing it like “yeah this is a /higher/ study guide not many people can have the /higher/ ones” and Im just there like bitch please
        5. uurghjbmfs,nd lsfksajf bsdf nafk smdfhafaf sk why. why. he’s just… can I throw a brick at him please

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