I’ve returned just for you.

So I know I haven’t really been keeping my post promises lately. I have so many ideas and I have about 1000 drafts knocking about so I will DEFINITELY do them, and if I don’t, you can set a pack of llamas or whatever on me.

Deal? Deal.

Firstly, I should probably mention a few things that I will do, so you don’t think I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet again.

  • AWARDS – Seriously, thank you so much to all you guys, (you know who you are), I will definitely do a post on them AS SOON AS I CAN okay?
  • Childhood memories – Just a random idea, idk.
  • That VMA performance.
  • And tons of other things that I can’t think of right now.

So, this is going to kind of be that back-to-school/first-days-reaction-post thing I was going to do… Plus a bit of an update and stuff soooo here goes, I apologise if this isn’t published today (it’s the 2nd in case you were wondering when this was started), I’ll try my best to do it quickly.

Number One:




And for the creepy stalker type of blogger, yes, the venue is on there…. Oops.

Number Two

My flirtationship turned into a relationship which turned into being dumped after 3 days of him not making any effort at all.

That was fun.

Long story short, I think he had a moment of realisation of the fact that I’m not popular. And so, he contradicted every single thing he’d said and said it wasn’t going to work. Through text. After 3 days. He made no effort to come and talk to me on the first day back, even though I was still, at that point, his girlfriend and even though he said he’d been looking for me all day, which he obviously hadn’t been. But there we go. I think the last thing I ‘said’ to him was, after him saying something along the lines of this (I deleted everything so I can’t refer back):

‘And yeah, I’m sort of a prick haha.’

I kind of just said

‘Uh huh, yeah just a bit. But then what did I really expect?’

AAAAAAND he didn’t reply hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

So that was on the 29th. He’s in my English class, yippee, so that was awkward. Luckily I didn’t have to talk to him, but he was only abut 3 seats away in prime view. He felt my wrath.

In terms of telling A.G.F.2 about it (I mentioned I was worried about it in my last post if you can remember) that did not go well. It went something along the lines of:

*meets up with AGF2 and two other friends who knew about it before he did*

*has a good time*

*mentions it*

*is ignored for the rest of the day*

Then in the evening, he became all needy and urgh, he made it so much harder for himself. He said all this stuff that just made me feel even worse and he told me that he had depression and that he’d wanted to die. Thank you, AGF2 for only mentioning that when I already felt really bad. And then he was just bitter and urgh.

Then. When I mentioned the whole Flirt thing was over, the worst thing was… He pretended to care. He was listening and being so-called supportive but then behind my back he was actually rejoicing to my best friend, who of course told me. And that really hurt because I was upset and he just did not give a shit.

But there we go. People are twats.

In terms of this whole ‘break-up’ thing, I wasn’t really upset. More I-want-to-smash-your-face-in-you-absolute-dickhead. Ha, I’m fine now though. He can just see what he’s missing.

Number Three

My hair is no longer dip-dyed purple. 😦 Here is a picture of what it was like.


In le room de ma soeur.

In le room de ma soeur.

Number Four


It wasn’t too bad actually. Considering everything. The twat that I think I’ve mentioned before was moved to another cohort so he’s no longer in any of my lessons, thank the lord.

We already have tons of homework, which sucks, but I suppose I didn’t really expect much different.

There’s not much to say to be honest. I should have done this when it was fresh in my mind… I’m sorry. I’ll do a better post on this soon. Probably. Not likely, mate.

Number Five

I’m fifteen.

I’m so young, why is nearly everyone here older than me.

Yep, it was my birthday on the 1st which consisted of doing fuck all. I had friends over on Saturday which was really fun, I just enjoyed having my birthday on a weekend – My 16th is going to be on a Monday. A MONDAY. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Number Six

I have double French tomorrow. I will try not to kill myself.

Number Seven

My mother-daughter relationship is going downhill again. Yay.

Number Eight

I’m talking to this guy who’s in the year above and he’s nice. My sister was friends with his sister so yup. He’s cool.

And I have nothing else to say. I’m sorry for the uninteresting post again. I’ll try my best to do something interesting next time.

Again, I need to catch up on your blogs so please don’t kill me if I don’t read them for a while.

Love you all, my sexual friendies.



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