Colegio es mierda.

Oh the joys of going back to school. I have four days ONE DAY left of the holidays

(I go back on Thursday 29th) which will consist of a) all the homework that I’ve left to the last minute (was it really necessary to force homework upon me to do during my nice, what should be relaxing holiday? No, I don’t think so honey.) b) worrying about where the hell my bus stop is this year. c) worrying about how the hell I’m going to manage getting up at 20 past 6 in the morning (again, was it really necessary to make school start so early?!) d) How the hell I’m going to look even remotely attractive in the new uniform… Dear Lord.

Looking totes (not) swaggy in uniform... URRRGHHH

Looking totes (not) swaggy in uniform… URRRGHHH

So this will probably be quite a strange post full of random back-to-hell things so yay. If you’ve already gone back, I feel for you. I really do.

Soooo I’m going to do a list of the pros and cons. YAY.

I think my opinion of school right now is pretty clear from the title (‘school is shit’) however there are a few ‘okay’ things about it.

And here I present to you:

Girlwiththesilverlocket’s list of pros and cons (mainly cons) about going back to ton college or whatever.

Cons (let’s be negative first):

  • Having to get up early in the mornings again. – Seriously, I’m used to waking up at 10 at the earliest. Now I have to wake up at HALF SIX. WHYYYYYYYY
  • Having to go to sleep earlier. – My bad habits have led me into a pattern of you-can’t-get-to-sleep-until-at-least-one-in-the-morning-have-fun-getting-up-for-school-lazy-biarch so that will be fun. 3am nights are not good.
  • Having to make an effort. – Yeah, no. It’s too hard to even attempt to look nice. Can I really be bothered at like half seven… No.
  • Having to do work. – HAHAHAHA WOOORRRKKK. Damn it.
  • Having to do stuff. – Why can’t we just stay in bed all day?
  • Having to see people. – I hate everyone. Apart from like 3 people. Why can’t there just be like a school of nice people and bloggers and stuff.

The list could go on and on and on.


  • You get to see that Sexual you’ve had your eye on. You can stare at him or her across the class for hours, unless you’re not in their classes. Which would suck.
  • Everyone gets bored of the holidays, don’t they. So if you’re at school, at least you’re doing something.
  • NEW STUFF! New bags, shoes, stationary, accessories (those cute little bracelets that no one bothers about heheheh).
  • Showing off your tan! For the lucky few who actually have a tan.
  • If you’re going to a new school, you can check out the new hotness.
  • Fresh starts.
  • Seeing friends again. Unless you’re like me who hates everybody.
  • Making new friends if you like to do that.
  • New teachers – Maybe you’ve finally got rid of that one you really hated. (Unfortunately for me, I’m going from one bitchy French teacher to another)
  • Being sassy. Show everyone your Beyoncé sass. (Love how WordPress automatically corrects Beyonce to Beyoncé)

The in-the-middle kind of things (not necessarily about going back to school, but things about school in general did that even make sense):

  • Uniform. As much I hate certain parts of my new uniform (the skirt is horrendous) at least you don’t have the pressure of needing to wear something different but amazing all the time. However, the joggers I had to get for PE are the most vile things I have ever had to buy.

And I believe that is all.

So, sorry this was a quick one, this was started when I actually did have four days left and I didn’t finish it so yup. If I have a chance (today is literally going to be HOMEWORK HOMEWORK SORT OUT BAG HOMEWORK HOMEWORK OMFG SHITTTTTWHATAMIGOINGTODO HOMEWORK) I will do my update post which will be lols and I’ll try my best to read all your posts and stuff, plus tomorrow I shall try my best to do a post on my first day back… Should be fun.




27 thoughts on “Colegio es mierda.

  1. You are a higher sexual so will be able to manage the uniform. And the new hotness is a good thing At a new school but I think I will be the new hotness because after spending a week in southern France I am “a healthier shade of off-white” and “don’t look like a ghost anymore” In the words of my parents

  2. Blogger school? I’m in. Let’s buy a private island (you know, the ones that rich people buy and have house keepers that tend to it?) and start our own school without rubbish skirts (I have one too) or stupid rules.

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