Wtf is going on XD

Finally, an update post!

Whenever someone asks me ‘So what’s happening in your life?’ Who actually asks that? No one. Yes, okay, it was only an example. Jeez. or something similar, well, I think this explains it all:

And this is no exception. Except there are a few minor things… that are LIKE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING LIKE WHAT OMG.

*falls off bed*


Let’s start with the highly-unlikely-things-that-somehow-appear-to-be-happening…


Okay, well. Let me start from the beginning.

So LSG, (I’ve given up on the long one), moved a few weeks ago to somewhere which is about an hour or so from here. He then mentioned that he’d broken up with EBBF (as it ‘wouldn’t be fair on either of them if they stayed together’) and though he was apparently, very happy with her, (how, I really don’t know), he likes the single life – he can say his opinions of people without being nervous any more. And theeeen he said I was attractive (WHAT?!) and he’s been more flirty since. Irrelevant fact of the day that’s kind of but not totally relevant to this topic: I ended up staying up until 5am talking to him. WHAT.

Okay. Buuuut, even if he was interested, how would it work? He broke up with EBBF for the reason of distance, so what would make it any different between us?! WHY COULD HE NOT HAVE JUST BEEN LIKE THIS BEFORE?

But because of this, it’s just frustrating.

And then.


So I reactivated my Facebook recently (I know, how did I survive high school without it?!) and today a guy that I know started to have a conversation with me… Another HOW THE FUUUU moment. Let me give you an idea of what he’s like.

He’s attractive. He’s popular. He’s hilarious and sarcastic and easy to get on with. And urgh, yeah. Swaggy.

And he’s flirting with me. Actually. Flirting. THIS IS A MIRACLE OKAY GUYS?! And I think I really like him. Part of me always has, oh gosh, that sounds so cheesy. But anyway.

*ahem* *shuffles papers* Moving on.

So he asked for my number and it’s just been flirtatious all evening and now he’s saying he wants to hang out with me and my group at school, which I’m fine with…. Buuut will certain others be? *cough* AGF1 *cough* AGF2 *cough* Mainly #2 because you know what happened last time there was another boy in the picture… If you don’t, basically he ignored me for two months and it was absolutely shit.

I mean, he’s friendy with this guy, who I shall name… Flirt, rather appropriately 😉 but he’ll most likely get jealous, even though he knows I’m not interested in him that way.

And in the back of my mind, that’s just there: ‘He’s going to be upset’ ‘He’s going to fall out with you again’ ‘He’s- STOP. I can’t let him determine who I have romantic interests in right?

And there’s the fact that Flirt is a bit of a player. Not that he’s particularly dated many girls, not at all, but he’s very flirtatious and he had a thing for one of the most perfect girls in the entire year earlier this year. But… somehow the whole ‘flirtatious player’ thing kind of… makes him more attractive… Oh my, this is going to end in tears.

But he seems to genuinely like me (I honestly don’t know why, could this be like a cruel joke or something because seriously, I am NOT used to this), so…

I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANY MORE. LSG has officially, I think, been moved aside. Sorry babe.

*sees time* *so much for getting my sleep pattern back before school in seven freaking days* *goes to sleep*



Anyway, I am back to continue said post. So, well, Flirt has, indeed, continued to flirt and don’t I love it. After my bestie confronted him (of her own accord, I had nothing to do with this) and made sure that he was not flirting with around four other girls simultaneously, she was satisfied.

Ahh, I shall keep you all updated on this. HAHAHAHA.

So what else has happened in the life on me?

Not much.

It’s now only eight days until I start college (I feel for those of you who have already started, I really do) and I am not feeling optimistic. At all. I’ll write a post about this, so I won’t say too much now.

My room is being redecorated at the moment, meaning I’ve had to spend nearly the entire holidays in a spare room which is basically where everything that has no place goes. So my living-quarters basically resembles… Well… A pile of drawers and clothes and blankets and guitars and numerous eyeliners and books and ukuleles. Yay.

My hair is now faded purple, after having been dyed several times during the summer. I will definitely be re-dying it at some point within the school year. Pink or purple. Or both.

I may or may not be meeting up with LSG next week… Have I already mentioned that? He’s coming back here for a day and asked me whether I wanted to meet up. Meeting up means I can touch his hair. His hair is amazing.


He… he said I could stroke his hair okay… stop judging me…

And I am just so effing happy right now.



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