Overstepping the mark?

Uurrggghhhh why do boys have to be so confusing?! I mean I bet we girls are too but still.
So you know the strictly-friends-guy who I met up with a few days ago? (Ninja, I think I called him. Renamed Deluded.)
Well quite frankly, he’s just getting irritating. Clingy, I suppose. And it’s so effing annoying.
He constantly messages me, snapchats me… And then snapchats me even more when I don’t reply.
If you don’t know what Snapchat is, though I assume a lot of you do, it’s an app where you send people pictures that last for up to 10 seconds.
So anyway, these are almost all throughout the day, every day – you see how this could get annoying? Plus, a lot of the time it’s ones captioned with things like:
a) ‘oops you caught me with my top off!’
b) *whilst wearing a t-shirt* ‘I’m sexier with my top off’
c) ‘guess what?’ ‘I’m sexy!’
d) ‘how do I look?’

Yep, those are actual examples. How am I supposed to respond to that?! Usually I ignore it or am just like ‘right.’ Or something dismissive. He’s really not attractive either. Just clearing that up.
And there’s the messaging. Skype, iMessage… FaceTime… What is this, seriously?! I’ve got to the point where I just ignore him for the majority of the time. I seldom ignore people if they message me, because I’m always happy to talk to people, I’m touched that they want to talk to me. But there’s a line. And he’s just overstepped it. I think skyping me at 2am is a bit excessive. If I make it known that I’m awake and it’s a close friend of mine or someone who I don’t talk to so much, it’d be fine okay, I don’t mind. After all, I’m occasionally awake at that time. However, I had talked to him that day. For nearly the whole day. Must have been something important? HAHAHAHAHAHA no. It was just to tell me that he’d started working out and that he was doing one handed press ups and planking while typing. I get that he wants to look impressive, and don’t we all? But I did not need to know that at 2 in the fucking morning. The next morning he said ‘I’m really starting to see the results of my exercise’ um a) after about half an hour?! I highly doubt it mate, you don’t get abs just because you did 5 press ups. b) what did he want me to say? ‘SHOW ME‘?! Obviously that’s not going to happen! And oh yeah, the next day he was like ‘I’m really keen to show someone the results. Well don’t bloody well show me! Show it to your girlfriend oh yeah, YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Why’s he telling me this?! Guys who are reading this, PLEASE GIVE ME HELP OMG. Because you know the male mind much more than I do so I don’t know, tell me your ideas on why he’s doing this please?!
At first he was fun to talk to, and I had a good time when we met up at the cinema the other day. But now it’s just repetitive and boring and I just want the conversation to end. If he suggest calling, I usually make up an excuse not to, but eventually I run out of them and I don’t want him to feel bad you know? But urgh, limpet alert!
*insert limpet joke here*
On a call, all he does is play a game on his Xbox that I’m not interested in and talk about it, tell me to watch while he kills these guys and then silently plays the game again. When he’s not doing that, he’s talking about superheroes and films I’ve never heard of and have no intention of watching. Don’t get me wrong, superheroes are awesome, Batman and Black Widow especially but seriously?! ALL THE FREAKING TIME?! It’s Ironman this, Captain America that. I don’t caaaaarrrreeee! I haven’t seen many Marvel films or other superhero films, so I don’t know what he’s talking about and he knows that but talks about it anyway. Then he’ll talk about the £600 computer he’s getting, just for gaming. How the keyboard is ‘so amazing’ because it has a wrist rest for when you’re using it a lot and it’s so worth the 80 something pounds extra. And OH MY GOD THERE’S AN ALIEN FACE ON THE SIDE THAT GLOWS DIFFERENT COLOURS HOLY SHIT! *note sarcasm* I mean, I’m sorry if I don’t understand gaming. I’m not a gamer myself, and I couldn’t care less about the keyboard. Maybe the first time. But not the tenth. And if he’s not doing that then he’s trying to play playing guitar. He’s alright, he plays tab mainly, which I’m crap at so I can’t really say anything but he’s not the most amazing player in the world, despite what he thinks. Plus, the tab he mainly does is easy shit man. I’m not dissing his playing okay, because tab is hard to do but he honestly thinks that he’s one of the most incredible guitarists around. Um no. He just likes to show off I suppose. And when you’re proud of something then you do. But the same songs are played every time: Misty Mountains from The Hobbit, the Indiana Jones theme, the James Bond theme. Yeah, they’re good songs but UURRGGHH EVERY TIME. And then he goes on to ‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters, which is an amazing song and one of my favourites, but he just repeats the same 10 seconds of song. He constantly mentions how his teacher said ‘You’re no beginner’ when he had his first lesson a few weeks ago. WOW. THAT’S BECAUSE HE WASN’T A BEGINNER! He’d been playing for months before that so what did he expect. Bragging much?
I know this has been a massively long rant, but it’s just annoying and confusing and I dot know whether I need to say something in order to avoid hurting his girlfriend? Just what’s going on with the whole trying to impress me thing and everything? It’s just incredibly annoying, you know? What do you think I should do, I need advice here guys! And lads, is this just typical ‘boy’ or is it excessive and weird? I’d really appreciate your advice on this 🙂


P.s. I wrote this in the car on the way to visit my grandparents and I can’t be bothered to redraft it so there was today’s shitty post.

P.p.s And I’m back now so I can continue with writing shit. Yay.


17 thoughts on “Overstepping the mark?

  1. Sounds like you have a bit of a pest on your hands! I knew a guy just like him, constantly messaging me, but I just was not interested. I think you should tell him how you feel, because it seems as if this guy can’t take a hint! Remind him it makes you uncomfortable since he has a girlfriend and you’re not interested in him in that way…And if that fails, just send him a really unattractive snap chat (I’m talking bad hair, horrible expression, maybe some extra chins thrown in – just go all out!)

  2. There are 2 possible reasons
    1. he would usually get that attention from his girlfriend but as shes away he has turned to you
    2. he thinks you are a sexy beast and would rather be with you

  3. To me, it’s almost like he’s really trying to impress you. Sometimes, guys do this in weird ways, and perhaps he’s so insecure that he feels this is the only way that he can get through to you. Although it’s conceited and aggravating, it’s proooobably naive and unintentionally annoying.
    Definitely tell him how you feel, and then leave the ball in his court. After all..you’ve done nothing wrong!! 🙂 x Alice

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so so much! I’m touched that you read every post and that you enjoyed it, it means a lot! Your blog is wonderful too, I’ve only read a couple of posts so far but I’m already in love with it! Thank you, you too! I’ll do a post on it as soon as I can! :DDDD Thank you so much again! You’ve made my day!

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