It’s a crazy world, right?

So it’s late night (23:47) and I’m left feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I was just flicking through the world clock on my iPod (if you have an Apple device, you’ll know what I mean) because a friend of mine is currently in America on holiday and I was wondering what time it is there at the moment.
So after I’d found what I wanted, I decided to flick through the long list of cities and time zones that were there. And I had a moment of almost sudden realisation. Just seeing that list of cities and states and countries… It kind of made me think about how many different places there are in the world and how small I am as an individual in comparison.
And the list I saw only had a tiny percentage of the world on it… I realised I’d never even heard of some of the places I saw and was just hit by the incredible size of our world.
And I thought about something my best friend said a while back.

It’s kind of amazing to think that we only know an incredibly small amount of people. Think about it. We think we know a lot, take school for example. We think we know everyone in our year and that’s about 300 odd, which is a lot, but we don’t even know one other person in this room.

(We were eating lunch somewhere in town at this point.)

Look outside. We don’t know any of those people. And that’s just on one day, on one street, in one city, in one country. There are 7 billion other people. And we know… About 50, personally. You know, friends and family and stuff. Maybe 100. It’s crazy what a small amount of people you actually know.

To be honest, I don’t know if that made any sense, but it kind of makes you think, you know?
It’s slightly overwhelming when you think about it. Because somewhere, someone will be going through exactly the same things as you. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you but they’re out there, in this crazy world.

I saw this quote a few months back and I really-*who the hell is skyping me at midnight* *ohhhh it’s mon ami*

Anyway the quote was,

Whenever you feel alone, look at the moon. Because someone out there will be looking at it too.

And I really like that quote. It’s just reassuring I suppose.

But yeah… It’s just overwhelming. And crazy to think that we can communicate so easily with people half way across the world. Like loads of you guys are from like America and Australia and wow.

Late night thoughts over.

No idea whether any of that made any sense.

Kind of deteriorated as it went on.

Sorry for putting you through that.



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