Ermagherd, an erwerd


From the awesome George, who now gets a llama for his kindness. Two, actually. I know, I know, I’m so generous.



So, the rules.

Display the logo in a post.


Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.

Using the alphabet, describe yourself with a word or phrase.

Oh god, here goes:

a)  addicted to the internet

b) bubbly

c) creepy… and compassionate

d) determined

e)  emotional

f)  fiery

*this is where I have to start singing the alphabet song*

g) grateful

h) humble

i) inappropriate HAHAHAHAHAHA

j) jealous of Attempting Reality going to see Of Monsters and Men

k) kind-hearted …most of the time

l) lazy

m) morbid XD

n) not funny

o) offensive

p) pessimist

q) quirky

r) reliable… kind of…

RADIOACTIVE, yeah baby.

s) sassy

t) twat. Orrrrrr trustworthy.

u) understaaaannddiiinngggg

v) vicious avec mon words if I hate you

w) FEEL MY WRATH (shut up, it counts okay.)

x) xcited for P!ATD (come oooon, I can use xcited.)

y) YOUTHFUL *runs across hills and meadows like, bitch I’m young and youthful*

z) zany

*returns from making cookies and having a mad dance session (to Underdog, Imagine Dragons) round the kitchen*

Nominate at least 15 bloggers (more if you would like)

Ohhh god, well, a few spring to mind, so this isn’t exactly 15 buuuuut, anyway.

1. Re-nominating George because ‘The Mind of George’ is really awesome. –

2. My blogging bestie –

3. The gorgeous girl, Attempting Reality –

4. Elly, because she’s hilarious –

5. This lovely blog –

And ANYONE WHO I FOLLOW, JUST PLEASE GO AND FOLLOW THEM. (they’re all on my blog so, you know, you get a llama if you follow) I would do 15 but I’m a lazy ass, so there’s 5.

And I’m going to do aaaaaa 30 day challenge, the same one as loads of you seem to be doing at the moment so yup. Watch me fail at this XD Starts tonight or tomorrow, I haven’t decided yet. 😀

See yo fine asses later.




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