A bit about me. Le trend.

Hey babes. *cough* Mmm… This post has kind of been in progress for a little while… I kind of only did most of it two days ago and then the pictures weren’t effing working so yeah, that’s why it’s late and yes I did die and yes I’m sorry and please forgive me and I’ll give you a sloth because I love you! Ahem. Anyway. ONWARDS.
So I was challenged by my blogging bestie to do a post about myself (go and check hers out here http://okaaythen.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/hey-would-you-like-to-know-about-me/ (no I can’t do the fancy linky thing because it never works because WordPress hates me and just because I’m going to spend my life alone with like 100 cats and some sloths and llamas and shit doesn’t mean WordPress can hate on me too so shut up) – it’s going to be a trend) so seeing as I have nothing to do at the moment and maybe quite a few of you don’t know much about me, I decided to write it now.

(One sentence covering the basic info about yourself)

Well, I’m a 14 year old girl living in England. And no I don’t have a nice accent. Well I don’t think I do anyway… that’s debatable.

(What’s your personality like? How should I know? Get on with it.)

Well, quite a few people think I’m quiet and shy and all that crap, well, kind of, but if they actually bothered talking to me they’d realise that I am not quiet. I like talking to people, I’m a sociable little twat, really. I guess that just because I occasionally concentrate in lessons, people consider me to be… mmm… maybe a bit of a geek? HAHAHAHAHAHA FUNNY JOKE THAT. I wouldn’t describe myself as being a geek, but maybe I am compared to the dumbasses that my school mainly consists of. I don’t mind though, I used to, but I kind of just embrace it 😀 I’ll leave you to judge on that one.
I love to have a laugh with friends, and if I’m not with them, or not talking to them for any length of time (a day…) I feel sad and alone and depressed and shit, unless they’re pissing me off, in which case I will be overjoyed. I can get annoyed really easily, like really easily and I will become argumentative and rude and, I have been told, incredibly scary. I guess I’m quite fiery, well I’m told by my friends I am, but mostly, I’ll try to get along with people. Unless they’re pricks.
I’m a pessimist. My negativity can annoy people, but I see myself as being more of a realist to be honest (most things in my life are going to go wrong) (oh look, pessimistic attitude right there).

I am a master of procrastination. I’m even typing this while I should be doing other things, *cough* maths revision *cough*. I have mock exams Friday and Wednesday, and I have done fuck all in terms of revision… Prepare to fail, Alex, prepare to fail.
All in all, I’m quite nice to most people, and je suppose je suis très supportive generally. Buuuut get on the wrong side of me and shit is gonna go down.

(What do you look like?)

Well if you want to see my face, here’s a picture. Not the nicest thing to see really but you asked for it mwahahahahaha.

*place picture here* – I took it down recently just for my privacy 🙂

My hair is weird, it’s like blonde, with natural highlights. You can’t see it to well on that photo, but yeah they’re there and underneath, it’s really dark brown… ¬.¬ Ma eyes are hazel.

(What do you want to be when you’re older?)

I want to be a journalist  But not one of those phone-hacking ones. I don’t know what I want to write particularly, but I’d love to be involved in a magazine. That’s kind of been my dream for a long time. I used to want to be an author, but with my track record, I don’t think I’d get anything finished XD

(What is the point of this blog?)

Mmm… I think I’ve always wanted somewhere to write whatever matters really, whether it’s venting or saying how freaking awesome something is. I wanted to be able to find people like you kickass people to share things with and talk to and read about your lives and (wow that sounded like I’m a stalker…) and just, to be able to have a place to write stuff and share it with this amazing community of people. It’s somewhere where I can talk to people about sloths and llamas and chocolate pizzas and plans to beat up and murder EBBF and how sexy Brendon Urie is and how much of a fail we are at eyeliner and weird laughs and all this stuff and *breaks into song* IIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOOOOVVEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Ahem.

(25 Random Facts About Yourself? 25 is a bit much?! In reduced it from 50, be happy.)

1. I doodle in my schoolbooks a lot, not necessarily good doodles either just random things… I had a phase of drawing batman on everything, so now batman is somewhere in most of my books. The Frog hates it, but HAHAHAHA she just doesn’t appreciate good art.
2. My handwriting is weird. It has been described as ‘letters that have had a stroke’… nice description Tristan you faggit. My writing frequently has little stick men added on the n’s and m’s etc, so it looks like they’re on a slide. It looks like this:

Ahem. This is what happens when I am left to write some random sentences on some paper to show my handwriting whilst doing maths revision.

Ahem. This is what happens when I am left to write some random sentences on some paper to show my handwriting whilst doing maths revision.

3. Or this…
and this is what happens when i'm left to write 'lol' over and over.

and this is what happens when i’m left to write ‘lol’ over and over.

4. I hate the font comic sans. In year 4, our class was forced to use nothing but comic sans and I now hate it.
5. I hate picking up the phone. If it’s my phone, then yeah that’s fine, but if it’s the landline, no way am I answering that.
6. I have an older sister, who’s 17 and she’s going to leave me soon for university. FML.
7. I have never seen Lord of the Rings :O I have, however, seen The Hobbit, which was amazing.
8. I play guitar and ukulele.


9. I love Yankee Candles.
10. I cry at books. And films. I nearly cried at The Notebook.
11. The only places I’ve been abroad to are Iceland and France (if you class France as ‘abroad’). My mum hates flying, therefore we never go anywhere remotely exciting. We go to Devon most years, which is nice… for England. Though it’s impossible to get a tan.
12. I reeeaaalllyyy want to go to Italy!
13. I’m 5″4. I’m so shmall. But then most of my friends are even smaller than me, so yay. :3
14. I think Batman is pretty damn awesome. But I have never seen the films… I probably should…

My Batman poster. 'I'M BATMAN!' No shit...

My Batman poster. ‘I’M BATMAN!’ No shit…

15. I love chick-flicks, especially romantic comedies.
16. My favourite seasons are Spring and Summer.
17. If I was born one day earlier, I’d be in Year 10.
18. I love bumblebees… But I scream and run away whenever one is near me.
19. My favourite animals are sloths, llamas, echidnas and kiwis.
20. I’m a sixth French. Whoo how exciting.
21. I have a really weird laugh.
22. I’m really good at remembering birthdays. It’s like they’re permanently implanted in my brain by an alien or something.
23. I enjoy creeping my friends out by a) doing sexual smoking pen mime b) doing various rape faces while they’re trying to do their work.
24. I really want to go to a concert.
25. I hate spiders. I won’t go within 15cm of one. They’re horrible. Unless they’re the really tiny ones… the ones that are about 3mm. Any bigger than that and I am out of there.

So there you go. Yay. Now you know some pointless crap about me. Whoo! Anyway, I apologise (yet again) for not posting in aaaaaaages, I’ve had so much homework *cries* *screams* *makes a nest of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream* *eats ice cream* *gets obese* *dies*
P.s. Pluz make this a trend guys.


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