*I really can’t think of a title today*

IT’S SUNNY. IT’S ACTUALLY SUNNY. :O If you live in England like me, you will probably be rejoicing at the fact that the weather has decided to be a bit less shit. (Or maybe that’s just me…) It’s April for god’s sake, not freaking… December or something, therefore it should not be snowing and it should not be cold anymore. Rant over.

Well not quite because- seriously girl you’re not 80

Anyway, I’m working on like 5 different posts at the moment, but I thought I should probably just do this so you know I haven’t disappeared again…

Kay yeah, I was going to do this last night but I was at a concert I didn’t want to go to so I didn’t have a chance. And I seriously need to catch up on peoples’ posts. I WILL READ THEM. I PWOMISE.

Firstly, I have to share this:

May I rape you now?

May I rape you now?


So, prom update… I ordered my dreeessssssssssss! I couldn’t get the one I was originally going to get because my totally understanding mother decided it was too expensive with P&P, which sucks, especially as I was going to pay half. But hey, I found one of the others I originally wanted for like half the price it was originally at so YAY for me, I was able to get that… I hope I’m not the only one who likes it… I hope I haven’t made a bad choice. It’s light blue and it’s sparkleeehhhhhh and- oh fuck it I’ll just put a picture (oh God what am I doing)

ees me prom dress.

ees me prom dress.

The reason I went for a short one, is because I’m quite small (around 5’4 to be exact) and I wouldn’t be able to pull off a floor length one, which I was sad about because there are some reaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyyy pretty dresses that length. 😦

But hey. I have a while, but I’m thinking about hair and makeup now. My hair is blonde and shoulder length and my eyes are hazel/brown. (In a post I’m currently working on you can see ma face. Probably not a good thing) So if you guys have any ideas on what I should do, please please PLLAAAAYYYYYZZZZEEEEE tell meh.

Mmm… what next… well, I’m dreading Monday because I am being forced into doing an entire day of French fucking GCSE work. AN ENTIRE DAY. The trauma… I think I’ll need therapy. *grabs a load of chocolate*
What’s worse, I don’t even need to do it. At my school, there’s this thing called Fasttrack and it’s basically where you do your French GCSE a year early, in year 9 then you have to do AS in year 10. Fasttrack (unfortunately) exists because our school, along with the college, is, or used to be (I can’t remember), a specialist language college (it’s funny because the languages department is one of the worst in the school HAHAHAHAHA).
So that’s going to be fun. Doing a load of shitty french that I’m going to be repeating next year anyway. >.< Oh the joys.

On a positive note, I found Brendon Urie's vine (if you don't know who Brendon Urie is… *laser eye beams*)


Anyway, so I found his vine and currently spend my life laughing at his videos. On repeat. Over and over.


And that is all, pretty much, that I can think of to write about. I’ll get round to publishing those other posts soon, but for now,

hasta la vista.



20 thoughts on “*I really can’t think of a title today*

  1. Unlucky about your French. I’ve got a speaking test on Monday but that’s much worse. Do you have to do the fast track thing or do you only do it if you’re planning to do French a-level?

    • Aw thank you!! 🙂 so glad you like it!! Aw no, that sucks! I hate that kind of weather 😦 it was like that most of the week here though too! Apparently it’s going to rain later (typical) so I’m enjoying the sunshine while I can! XD hope the weather brightens up for you soon!!

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