I was going to do this post later in the year, but I decided to do it now. Because why not?

So it’s 1:04am at the moment and I can’t sleep, so being the totally sensible person I am, I didn’t try to go to sleep (I did… I just gave up after an hour), oh no, I decided to look at prom dresses. And this is dress-lust big time.

I guess I should start with what my ‘prom’ actually is.
So in case you didn’t know, I am in year 9 in high school. That, apparently, is the equivalent to middle school in America. I’m 14 if that helps.
I move up to college next year, so I’ll be leaving the school I’m at now (some schools don’t do this so that’s why I’m telling you that) in July. Every year, on the evening of the last day, the school holds a year 9 prom. Now let me make this clear, our proms, English proms in general, are no where near as big or as extravagant as the proms in America. Our prom is basically a small party in the school hall. Basically.

So I think it’s overrated. However, that does not stop me from being excited about it. It’s a chance to dress up and just have some fun. It’ll be the last time I see a lot of people after all, so why not?

However, even though it’s just a small thing (I mean we’re 14, come on) there are still so many expectations and pressures, especially for girls. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is much more pressure on girls to look good and it’s much harder.

Here are a few things that people just expect of you:

1. Amazing dress.
2. Amazing hair.
3. Amazing make up.
4. Amazing shoes.
5. Amazing accessories.
6. Amazing transport.

Or at least to look pretty damn sexual.

The thing is, you just have to find something you like. You just have to feel good about yourself without worrying about what all the popular bitches will be wearing or thinking. Because there is probably, most likely always going to be someone who is prettier, has a nicer dress, has more professional hair and make up. And they can probably walk better in heels too of course I don’t trip and nearly break my ankles when I try. But as long as you feel amazing oh god this is going to become a really shit, cringey moment isn’t it it’s all good.

The main thing for girls is their dress. And it’s a competition. It is war. If anyone turns up in the same dress, WW3 is going to start. Now I have a dress already I’m trying not to sound like a stuck up bitch here but I don’t actually know if I like it or not. I mean, I got it in the Christmas sale don’t tell anyone that… so I was like, well if I get it now, at least I’ll have something. And if I see something nicer, then I’ll just get that.

AND BOY HAVE I FOUND SOME SEXUAL DRESSES. At reasonable prices… I think. Is £65 reasonable? Considering most people are buying theirs for over £100? I just really hope that my mother sees how freaking gorgey they are and softens. Heheheheh…

Love youuuuuuuuuuuu


P.s. Sorry if this post was a bit shit ah who am I kidding all my posts are shit but for some reason you lovely people decide to read them…this time I have an excuse. It is now 1:30am exactly. Night guise. Or morning. Whatever.


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