Story ideas?

some shit story that i probably won’t finish

I’m writing a story. For the first time in what seems like forever. When I was younger I wrote loads. Thinking about it, I’m going to find one I did in primary and read it. This should be amusing.

Any how, I’m writing a story that I’ll probably never finish, but hey ho, I’ll try!

But I’m stuck. Half a page in, and I don’t know where it’s going next. I have a load of really random ideas, but they’re coming later.

If you’d like to read my lame excuse of an opening to a story and give me some ideas of where to go next, then please do! It needs a lot of refining and it’s not great but there you go. I have also created an account on which is basically a site where you can brainstorm ideas really easily and shit. I’d love it if you guys could tell me your opinions and ideas for both the story and the post, so if you’d like to (I’ll love you forever) pleaassee comment and I’ll tell you the username and password *cue gasps of wonder* You can leave your name or whatever on the ideas so I can give you credit, or you can stay anonymous if you prefer!

Gracias mi amigos! Try and enjoy, if that’s possible. 😀 Thanks guise.



11 thoughts on “Story ideas?

  1. Sorry dude, im on my other account (phones being fuckity and le marj has stolen computer cables) but i’ll read it 😀 let (’tis mia)

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