*turtle noise*

Idek. Don’t ask why I put the title as ‘*turtle noise*’ because I don’t have an answer for you. I just did. Because I can.
So first of all, I’ve been nominated for MORE AWARDS by the amazing, kickass Mia (a.k.a. coolstorybabes http://okaaythen.wordpress.com) FOLLOW HER ELSE I WILL SEND OUR ARMY TO CAPTURE YOU aaannddd I just realised I was nominated again for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the awesome ihaveanumpalumpaonmyhead (http://ihaveaumpalumpaonmyhead.wordpress.com) (follow her too because we’re both fails with eyeliner and both have weird laughs and she’s awesome.)
I’m kind of like this whenever I get an award:

if this doesn't work I'm going to like, kidnap Snape or something. (where did that come from?)

if this doesn’t work I’m going to like, kidnap Snape or something. (where did that come from?)

I also got 100 likes which was amazeballs. I will do posts on these later because I need to do updates on la vie de moi seeing as I haven’t done one for ages. I also need to read a hell of a lot of your posts, but I thought I should do this beforehand else I’ll get distracted and forget.

(Russell Howard style): “So what’s been happening?”

Well… Not much. My life is so unevenful. You know what, I’m just going to make a list.

1. My evil French teacher made me read out my French piece about Nicola Adams in assembly. Four times. EVIL. Buuuut I got a thumbs up and a smile from le sexy garçon himself, so it can’t have been that bad. Unless it was out of pity. *cries* I don’t think it was. Hoping.

2. I managed to escape my Spanish test again. I was supposed to do it ages ago, but I was ill that day so I missed it. Since then I have been avoiding it so I have a chance to do the revision I haven’t done and don’t plan on doing.Since then, I haven’t had a chance to do it. I didn’t mess up my listening test as much as I thought though. Some people didn’t lose a single mark. WHAT? HOW?! O.o ROBOTS I TELL YOU ROBOTS. And native Spanish speakers. Hmph.

3. Thanks to some randomer on Omegle, I now know what bitch/slut is in French. It’s ‘salope’ incase you were wondering.

4. Went for a sleepover at a kind of friend who isn’t really my friend cos she’s annoying friend’s house which was actually hilarious. Sugar. Lots of it. Enough said.

5. Started following five new sloth accounts on instagram because that is my life and I have no friends

6. Discovered that my claywork hadn’t exploded in the kiln this time. Which was good. Because it was a dragon. And I like dragons.

7. Nearly died of hyperthermia playing lacrosse outside in the freezing cold. WHY.

8. Started and finished The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I cried. Book review coming soon, one for people who have read the book, and one for people who haven’t. Genius.

9. Discovered how addictive the 4 Pics 1 Word app is.

10. Learnt Little Things and The A Team by Ed Sheeran on guitar. Fairly obvious ones, but hey, I’m learning. I don’t have a capo yet so I can’t play many songs. I was very glad to see that the site had put ‘Little Things by Ed Sheeran’ instead of One Direction because Ed Sheeran wrote the song and should have kept it instead of giving it to One Direction. I’m sorry if I just insulted your religion or something, Directioners.

*Returns with two pears after taking 3 minutes to walk up the stairs in an attempt to keep my slippers on*

11. Discovered new levels to my friends’ twatiness.

12. Did I tell you about the Tisaac stalking? No? Okay well, both Isaac and the guy my best friend liked (his name begins with T… therefore it is Tisaac.) were in town at the same time as us, so naturally, after we had finished spazzing out, we stalked them. We couldn’t find them again though. Sad, but hilrious times.

13. My music teacher fell into some guitars today. Right after having a rant. Yep. HAHAHAHHA.

14. Discovered I have a tendancy to say awkward things when teachers happen to be walking past. For example, on Friday, in Ceramics, I was in deep discussion with Izz about what a knob awkward-guy-friend-1 is and I just so happened to say ‘DICKHEAD’ rather loudly just as le teacher walked past. LOL.

15. I want a sloth onesie.

16. I want a llama onesie.

17. Nearly pissed myself laughing when A.G.F.1 said ‘i love sitting cross legged on the floor with my laptop’. No one gets why I find that hilarious. cross legged? Get it?! No? Okay.

18. It’s less than a month til our first performance of Beauty and the Beast and it’s not looking good. Yay.

Mmmmm… There’s my unimaginative list of things that have happened recently. I bet when I click ‘publish’ I’ll think of so many things that I could have written.

Sorry for the kind of shit post. I was going to write two or three others tonight as well, but I don’t have time 😦 But I’ll write them tomorrow I pwomise!



14 thoughts on “*turtle noise*

    • Under a rock. With a shit load of homework *cries* I’m sowwy I haven’t posted anything recently, my evil teachers have sprung about 5 tests and a load of other pointless homework on me plus a loooaaaddd of rehearsals so I haven’t had the chance!! But I WILL. I WILL FIND A WAY!! I’ve done it all now, so I’ll post tomorrow!! Aaanndddd I need to read more of your story! I haven’t forgotten about it mwahahahahaha! XD it’s amazing so far!! :D:D:D

      • YEAY YOU’RE BACK! AHHHH I MISSED YOU:’) same here! i keep logging onto my blog, thinking … ‘fuck it…blog or SLEEP. hm.’ and WE GOT OUR GCSE RESULTS, DID YOU? i completely get that, dw, im just one of those people that refuses to take part in anything or do h/w so yeah xD aww thankyou, i plan on killing the heroine in the last chapter tbh..she bores me xD

      • Aww I missed you too! :’) I have A LOT of posts to catch up on! XD haha that was my decision exactly! And omgeeee how did you do?! I haven’t done my GCSEs yet! :O XD hahaha! I usually end doing it last minute and as quickly as possible ;D and you’re very welcome! 😉 ooh okay! XD

      • GOOD! ahahaha not from me, i kinda skipped posting for a bit e.e OMG YOUR SO LUCKY, we start ours in year 9 not fair…I GOT AN A! I completely understand xD im thinking death by random flying candy canes..

      • Haha yes! OMG WELL DONE THAT’S AMAZING AHHHHH!!! :D:D Whoa, that kinda sucks!! I would have had to do my French this year, but I wanted to get rid of my evil French teacher asap so I’m not mwahahaha KICK ME OUT OF THE CLASS IF YOU LIKE BITCH! …wish I could say that to her face. XD OMG… Have you seen Cat Pack by any chance?! :D:D:D

      • OMG YOU SHOULD! I told my french teacher I was dropping the subject to get away from him then the guy in charge of the switching was like LOL, NO. and i went back into french like….yo bro, hows it hanging? I HAVE NOT, WHAT IS IT IT SOUNDS COO:D:D;D

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