Valentines? I call it Thursday.

Happy Valentines/Forever Alone/Thursday.
First of all, long time no see. Désolé. I have so many ideas all messed up in my head, but whenever I try to write anything, I just can’t. But I’m back. *cue party poppers* Yay.

found this on instagram the other day... couldn't resist.

found this on instagram the other day… couldn’t resist.

So it appears to be Valentines Day. Well the end of it anyway. I just took the whole thing in my stride and got on with my life as per usual. I mean, what is the point of being hung up about it?
Ohh Grumpy Cat, how I love you.

Ohh Grumpy Cat, how I love you.

So I went shopping with my sister and bought myself some Valentines gifts in the form of nebula jeans and some rings. Luckily I didn’t see too many couples eating each others faces. I saw a picture a while back on how to ruin Valentines, and it said something along the lines of ‘Whenever you see a couple, run up to the guy and yell “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? YOU TOOK MY VIRGINITY, I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING AND NOW THIS? NOW YOU’RE WITH HER? HOW COULD YOU?” and swiftly run off.’ Now wouldn’t that be fun?
A Valentines gift. To myself. Seems legit.

A Valentines gift. To myself. Seems legit.

And what did she say I hear you ask? No. Obviously. Well, strictly speaking she didn’t say anything, because she didn’t have to, but that was the general message. The conversation looked so totally cringey. He needs to work on that. Let’s call awkward-guy-friend… Jack. And my best friend will now be called Lauren.
So in a quick summary, this is what happened:

This morning, Jack apparently acknowledged the fact that it was a) valentines day b) he was alone c) at least he had wifi to stop him thinking about it.
Fair enough, I guess. Then later that day, he just messaged Lauren, simply saying her name. We all do that sometimes, when we want to get someone’s attention, so Lauren thought nothing of it and replied in the same way. Jack then said ‘i love u’. Yep, ‘u’. Not ‘you’. ‘U’. WHY. He said that to me and I told him to use ‘you’ but obviously forgot about that. He then sent her a picture that ‘someone had sent him in an email’ and it was basically a conversation between a boy and a girl. You may have seen this before, it goes like this:

Girl: Am I pretty?
Boy: No
Girl:Would you cry if i left?
Boy: No
Girl: Do you want to be with me forever?
Boy: No…
The girl was about to walk away when the boy stops her and says ” You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful. I wouldn’t cry if you left, I would DIE. And I don’t want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.

Oh how cute, blah blah. See, it’s all over the internet.

By this time, Lauren was a bit confused and slightly scared… She could see where this was going. When she asked him who sent that to him, he replied with the shittest excuse ever, ‘I don’t know, it doesn’t say.’ WTF. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A FREAKING EMAIL OF COURSE IT WILL SAY. But anyway, then he sent her a load of questions, including ‘Am I good looking? Do you want to be with me? Would you cry if I left imessage?’ HAHAHA. My answers: 1. No. 2. No. 3. No.
She didn’t answer them, she just said ‘I hope you’re joking.’ Jack then replied with an uneasy ‘…yeah LOL. …Or am i?’ That is so old, Jack. Seriously. As Lauren was telling me this, it reminded me of the things Jack had said to me THAT time. The whole ‘or am i?’ thing? Old.
Then he kind of just went ‘Will you be my valentine?’ I don’t actually know what they said afterwards, but she didn’t have to actually say no so he must have said something afterwards.

So yeah, that happened. I wonder whether he started crying again. Probably. (This is the boy who cried when he turned 13. Yeah.) He’s probably regretting saying that now because he has probably realised that I would have been told by now, that’s just the way the whole best friend thing works. HA. He’s going to know about it at school after half term.

So my prediction was right, I said he’d be asking her out within a few months didn’t I? Has he not learnt that neither of us would even consider dating him? Obviously not.

But hey, that brought some amusement into my day. I don’t know if any of that made sense… it is midnight after all.

Anyways, moving away from that disturbing little situation. I have no problem with Valentines Day. I think it’s quite cute actually. Yeah, it’s depressing, but I’m not really wanting a relationship anyway to be honest. Well yeah, okay, with le sexy garçon, obviously, but I’m not desperate. Far from it. Good for the people in relationships, I hope they had a lovely day (no sarcasm for once) but to all the singletons, don’t be depressed, seriously, it’s not worth it.

Speaking of le sexy garçon, I saw this top today when I was shopping and I thought it was rather appropiate considering he is a skateboarder and all.

That's me.

That’s me.


I’ll write tomorrow about the other events of the past fortnight, not that there are many, but still. I’ll leave you with this amazing Crabstickz video. Just watch it okay?


Have a good day everyone. Love you guys.


P.s. I just saw that someone on Instagram (you can tell what I spend my life doing) has suggested that, instead of #foreveralone it should be #foreveravailable


7 thoughts on “Valentines? I call it Thursday.

  1. OMG Thank you for bringing this heavenly creature into my life ! (the crabstick guy) how did i not know about him… jeez
    bless you !

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