Hello, it’s 3am.

Hello everyone… I’m awake at 03:10 because I just had a nightmare for the first time in ages.I can’t go back to sleep right now so I’ll just sit here and blog and watch YouTube. Sounds okay to me. Is anyone else awake?



12 thoughts on “Hello, it’s 3am.

  1. Sounds good to me! Haha that’s what I always do, or I play Sims 3 … Because I’m slightly addicted :3
    What do you watch on YouTube? I need some new channels to subscribe to!

    • Well long story short, there were these guys outside my window in my garden, and my sister and I were in my room. We heard footsteps and noises and stuff and you know that feeling when you know someone is watching you, or is near you but you can’t see them? Well I had that feeling and my sister opened the curtains to look outside. There was a group of men shooting each other and my sister was just like ‘Ok, well there are some men shooting each other with brick guns.’ Brick guns? Dafuq? So yeah and then she just turned and her face was all deformed and pale and she whispered, ‘You’re next.’ So I decided I had to get out of there. I was trying to open the door but it was locked. Then I heard this slow tapping at the window and I could feel the man’s gaze burning into my back. Eventually I got out and I tried to warn the rest of my family but they were sleeping and I couldn’t wake them. So I just had to leg it out the door to my neighbours. I rang the doorbell and just stood there for ages and I knew I had to run somewhere, quick, else I’d get killed. So I ran down the road and I could just hear gunshots… then I woke up. That doesn’t really sound that bad does it? Ah well it’s okay now XD Thanks for your concern! (:

      • Awww. shet.
        It’s okay, it’s but a dream. (:
        I hate nightmares, but I think they’re a great insight to our subconscious minds. 🙂
        Right now, I’m trying to change my wordpress identity because I’m dangerously close to being discovered.

      • *i agree with you! I love dreams because they’re so interesting… In a strange kind of way I like nightmares too. It’s amazing to see what our minds create! Ooh, good luck, if there’s anything I can do to help, just say!

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