Sunday Sunshine :]

So it’s Sunday and for once, the weather has stopped being so crap! It’s sunny! Yayayayay! My mood is just so much better when it’s sunny out. Lalalalalala 😀
Admittedly, it is quite windy, but whatever. Not going to let that spoil my happiness!
Right now, I’m just sitting on my bed, looking out the window at the blue sky, listening to music *checks what song is playing* – It’s Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t… and I’m talking to le sexy garçon so it’s a pretty good afternoon!
I still have to revise for a Spanish assessment tomorrow… and finish a piece of work for French, but that can wait. I’m going over to my friend’s in a bit and that will involve questing for the limited-edition KitKat Chunky flavours (le sexy garçon recommended the coconut so I’m going to have to try it now…) and discovering how the hell to feed her chickens and her cat. She’s off to somewhere nice, hot and sunny in a couple of weeks and I have been given the duty of looking after her pets… So that should be interesting. Lalalalalala I’m getting paid for it as well, even though I said there was no need *really meaning you don’t have to… but that would be nice… after all I am getting up nearly an hour earlier for a week.* But hey. The fact that she is going away makes me depressed because that means I’ll be alone with my so-called ‘friends’. Great fun.
But whatever.
I’m currently deciding whether to try and persuade mother to let me dye my hair or not. I have no clue what colour I’d do it. I have natural blondey-browney hair at the moment and brown eyes… any ideas? I love the idea of going red, but it’s mainstream. It’s freaking sexy though. Purple sounds good, but whether or not that would suit me I have no idea.

See you later mes amis!



13 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine :]

  1. I have dark hair so when I dye my hair, you can only really see it under the light or outside in the sunshine :]
    I’ve tried purple and red before, and I must say purple is really cool but it depends on what kind of environment you’re in I guess. 🙂

  2. I’ve dyed and bleached my hair every colour in the rainbow except for green. Speaking from experience, it’s definitely a long-term commitment. I started back in 2010 when I was 14. I have to say though, I have the same taste as you do! Red and purple were my absolute favourites, especially purple (coincidentally my fave colour :P) Red is the hardest colour to maintain. It bleeds every time you wash it, and the colour will only last about 2 weeks honestly. It loses the pretty bright shiny after first shower.

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