Nine things I do every day – 10 day challenge

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday… Anyways, here it is XD

As well as the obvious things like eating, sleeping, brushing teeth, etc…

Have a shower – I don’t know how people manage to go without showers for more than a day.
Listen to music – I always listen music at some point during the day.
Use my ipod or laptop in some way – of course. I’m addicted.
Scoop my hair round to my left side. – It suits me better. It’s automatic.
Walk my dog in the evening – Walk jumble with my sister in the dark 
Write or note something down – I always end up doing this – I don’t know why…
Smile – there’s always something to smile about
Sing to something. – if I’m listening to music, I’m going to sing. Awfully, but still.
Play something on my ukulele. – I just have to do it I don’t know why!

There you go 🙂



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