Firstly, sorry for not posting in a while. I have so many drafts saved – I started a lot of posts but could never find the words to finish them. But hey, here I am, posting again for the first time since New Year. Yay. I also have been working on a arty crafty thing which I will post very soon, as I am hoping to finish that today.
So, I hope your 2013 has been good so far. The past few days have been uneventful – to be honest, I haven’t been able to do much as everyone in my family except me are ill and both my parents are working. I couldn’t go anywhere with Izzy (she’s my best friend), because she couldn’t leave her younger sister on her own. So that’s been fun. I have spent most of my Christmas break watching the entire 3 series of the Inbetweeners, plus some random shows on iPlayer when I’m not scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube. I actually started watching every single Crabstickz video since he started. Yeah.
But on the up side… (is that even a phrase?) I was finally able to download Vices and Virtues – Panic! At the Disco. I am literally in love with that album. Seriously. And I learnt the Ballad of Mona Lisa on ukulele, and it’s pretty damn cool.
And I have a new friend. His name’s Isaac. And you know what this means? I now have a grand total of TWO guy friends whose voices have actually broken. I know. (Does this give you an idea of the kind of people I ended up being friends with?) But anyway, he’s really nice. Plus he’s pretty darn cute. Plus, I have literally just found out he likes Panic!. Ohmygod. (coolstorybabes, we’re not alone!) I’m not going to go on about him (saving that for another post ahaha – depends how desperate I am for ideas xD)
Aaannnndddd I have a load of chocolate to eat.
That is all. My life is so interesting.
But I’ll be back at school tomorrow, which will be fun a fucking nightmare. Hopefully Monday won’t be too bad. We have orienteering in PE so that should be amusing at least. Is it weird that I actually hope we get lost? I doubt we will though, the forest isn’t that complicated. I’ll tell you how it goes. One of my friend’s birthday is tomorrow. I think I’m one of the only people I know who actually remembers birthdays. He’ll probably be moaning about having to go back to school on his birthday, and yes it does suck (my birthday is right at the start of the acedemic year so I have had to go back to school on my birthday numerous times) but I don’t want to hear him moaning about it. After all, school’s like his favourite place. No kidding. It’s disturbing. (I’m really creating a great image of my friends here aren’t I?)
^Good piece of advice.
So yeah, I’ll be posting later seeing as I’m now on a roll, but guys, leave me ideas in the comments! Pwease?
See you later, hopefully I will have finished the crafty tutorial thing.
Have a good day everyone. x


6 thoughts on “Drafts.

    • first of all: AHAHA i don’t know, maybe? XD
      second: I KNOW I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY!! i spazzed out when i saw someone had put the chords for it up and i was like ASDFGHJKL MUST PLAY.
      third: haha yes i have returned! XD i’m on a roll now so i won’t leave it so long next time! XD

      • first of all: OMGOMGOMG YAAAAAY, can i give you advice and shit and come to your wedding?:D:D:D:D second: THATS SO FUCKING COOL. i go to a performing arts school and loads of kids play ukelele but none of them can play THAT omg no fair >.< third: YAAAAAY, not that im like happy or anything xD

      • First of all: ahahahahahahahaha why yes you can xD
        Second: YAY I’M UNIQUE! :D:D:D and that’s so cool that you go to performing arts school! Ohmygod that’s so awesome!
        Third: haha why thank you for your enthusiasm xD

      • first of all: OMG YAAAAAAAAAAY i love giving advice and shit, you’ve basically made me very happy:’) second: IN A GOOD WAY!:D is it?o.O ahaa cheers, im in the art department though xD third: you are welcome:D

      • first of all: waaaayy! glad you’re happy! you can be wedding planner and shit as well XD second: …yes i think so. UNIQUE IN A GOOD WAY! :D:D:D:D still think that’s pretty frigging awesome!! third: me ish happy 😀

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