The end of the world…

Well that never happened. Obviously. Apparently, people were commiting suicide because they genuinely thought it was the apocalypse. That’s kinda sad really.

If I had set up this blog before the 21st, I would have set up a countdown, just for the hell of it. Ha.

We were at school when the world was supposedly going to end. A load of people were freaking out, and me and a bunch of mates just sat laughing at them. The film, 2012, was supposedly coming true, with floods in October and all. 11:11 came when we were sitting in form, having a ‘party’, and low and behold, a group of year 7s, most of which were absolute twats… (sorry) ran screaming under the tables. I just continued to gather Quality Street and Chocolate Fingers to eat until 1 when we could finally break up for the Christmas holidays.

My drama and maths teachers put countdowns up on the board, which just scared a group of girls who ended up squealing in terror. And yes, it was hilarious.

Whilst searching the web for a lovely countdown myself, I came across a site, which, in my opinion, was frigging hilarious. They were offering this package:Image

and after spending a few minutes asking myself why the hell they hadn’t made it look more professional, I read what this package included:

A 2012 survival guide titled ‘Prepare to Live’ including instructions on how to make your very own wind and solar power plants, how to measure the magnitude of catastrophes, and the 65 things you must have in your medical survival case.

A professionally voiced MP3 module, complete with all you need to know about Planet X and Nibiru. (and something about some random cycles and alien invasions)

‘The 2012 Membership Zone – Updates, Corrections, New Theories… You Get Them All… FOREVER!’– quite ironic as, according to this very website, the world would definitely end, so ‘FOREVER’ wouldn’t really be forever. Ha.

‘FREE BONUS – special access to the secret document that started this entire 2012 enlightenment craze!’– Can’t be that secret then can it?

And that was going to cost members of the unsuspecting public, who, thanks to that sort of site, genuinely thought the world was going to end, $259.10. Wow.

Well congrats… 2012worldcountdown, you have successfully terrified a hell of a lot of people and gained their confidence by supplying them with random crap. Well done.

Now people are just prolonging the date every time the world doesn’t end. It went from 11:11 (which obviously was going to fail – the world wouldn’t end at 11:11 for everyone, thinking about time zones and all) to midnight to god knows when now.

But, well done everybody, we survived the apocalypse.






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