Trying to read Pride and Prejudice…

‘Fall head over heels in love with one of the most heart-warming and entertaining tales of romance ever written!’ – well I would if I could actually understand it! So I’m reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Most of you, especially if you’re british, will have heard of this book before, but just in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you a bit about it from what I have gathered so far… (Only on page 47).


Pride and Prejudice was first published in *looks in le book* 1813! So it’s nearly 200 years old!

It’s a classic tale of romance. As it says on the back, ‘Pride and Prejudice is a story of hasty judgements and heartache, scandalous behaviour, and, finally, true love.’

The book has been made into a film and TV series as well! *scribbles ‘get pride and prejudice film’ on back of… Fuuu that’s my homework*

Well there we go. That’s all I know really…

It’s good so far, good storyline but it’s kinda jumpy… I don’t really know where she is at the moment. But yeah, I like it. C’est trรจs interessant! (Sorry I do that from time to time… Write stuff in French ^.^) it looks good if when someone asks you what you’re reading and you say Pride and Prejudice – ahaha. Until they ask about characters and storyline and shiz, then I’m stuck!

I have no idea what chapter I’m on… The numbers are in Roman numerals and when it gets past X1 I’m stuck. I think I’m on chapter 7… X11? Can someone help me?


^my lovely creation using Pride and Prejudice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m going to try and keep reading it and I aim to finish it by February – then I’ll go back to the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging series- they’re hilarious!

…and it’s CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Yayayayayayayayayayay! *i spaz out at this time every year* I’m going to write something about that tonight, but in the meantime, joyeux noรซl! Have a lovely day everyone!



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